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After-Reiki Symptoms (Physical, Emotional & Mental)


    Many people have questions about the symptoms that can appear after a Reiki session, but I will explain what they are below so that you won’t miss out on the benefits of Reiki. This essay will also help you to clear up any questions you may have, so you can enjoy your health and the health of your loved ones by using these complementary therapies.

    Experience the sense of calm and peace that a Reiki session brings you, eliminate any symptoms that may arise from removing negative energies from your body, and open yourself up to positive energies.

    Depending on the individual and the situation they are using this hands-on therapy, a Reiki session can cause various feelings during and after. Reiki is a healing energy that brings about changes in your life.

    Physical Symptoms After A Reiki Session

    Depending on how their bodies respond to this healing energy, the patient may experience a range of difficult-to-accept emotions after a Reiki session. Learn more about them below:

    Reiki is a healing method that can affect people mentally, emotionally, and physically. It removes energy and emotional blockages and causes all repressed energies to surface.

    The most common physical symptoms can be:

    • Change in Body Temperature: after a Reiki session, the patient may feel cold throughout the body, especially in the area of ​​the feet. This sensation can last around 12 hours, often less time.
    • There are very few times that fevers occur that would be the opposite of cold. However, some feel that heat that can be confused with a fever. This occurs when the person has a weak energy system.
    • Involuntary tremors: The movement of energy and the unblocking effect that occurs.
    • It can be in the body, legs, arms, and hands. It means that the person has strong internal blocks and requires several Reiki sessions to be scheduled until they disappear.
    • Pains in the body: this sensation occurs in the first Reiki sessions. They are small pains that appear in the body, which are removed by the healing energy of Reiki.
    • These pains can also appear and last a very short time in the body. It is estimated a time of 24 hours. It is important to note that this does not happen to all people. Some do not suffer any symptoms.
    • Altered Emotional States: it is a state that varies depending on the emotional state of the people. It is characterized by the ease that each patient has to pass the situation, let it flow, and disappear from their body.
    • Excessive cough: when this happens, it means that the energy works promptly, discarding everything that hinders our body. This symptom is very common for more anxious people.
    • The recommendation from the Reiki master will be that the patient consumes a lot of water and liquids on the day of the session and the following days.
    • Heavy sweating: this sensation can rarely be felt. Sometimes it appears accompanied by very strong odors. This means that the body is purifying unnecessary substances.
    • We must know that these symptoms disappear immediately and that the Reiki energy works, healing and balancing the energies that fail in our body.
    • Sensation Of Emptiness In The Major Chakras: Frequent, this type of sensation occurs in the first Reiki sessions. It is because the chakras present states of blockage or insufficient energy.
    • Reiki grants energy by nourishing the chakras that are empty, ridding them of negative energy, and charging them with positive energy, healing from the depths of our being. That emptiness usually lasts no more than two days.

    Symptoms at the mental-emotional level after a reiki session

    Since these are memories of past occurrences that people buried in their memory to avoid feeling pain, they may recall certain images and situations during the Reiki session that are frequently unpleasant.

    The following are the most typical signs seen in recipients of Reiki:

    • Anger: any human being is exposed at any time to the feeling of anger that Reiki generally acts on by healing the person in each session. She releases everything repressed, making room for positive feelings.
    • This feeling is taking off from the patient’s body, who is looking for the peace and tranquility that his life deserves to have, and there is nothing better than a Reiki session to obtain it.
    • Fear: after Reiki therapy, many patients may suffer from fear, one of the characteristics that invade the individual for a few days, which is unpleasant. This fear is usually something temporary in Reiki practitioners.
    • The ideal is to learn to endure these emotions while the crisis caused by the patient passes. This will also depend on the disease or problem that is being healed.
    • Anxiety: worry or anxiety usually accumulates in the stomach. Some of these emotions accumulated in the stomach can manifest during the days the healing process lasts.
    • Reiki tries to detect where they come from, and if they can be useful to us for something in our lives, it effectively transforms them and transmits them to our bodies.
    • Sadness: sadness usually accumulates in the lungs. When Reiki therapy ends, it disappears completely since its healing energy acts radically so that these symptoms are mild.

    It is best to be aware of the symptoms when there is uncertainty. However, don’t miss this healing energy that, through the laying on of hands, assists you in getting rid of any negative energies present in your body after a Reiki session because it works with the body’s innate healing ability.

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