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Are subliminals a sin and bad?


    You may be wondering, “are subliminals a sin and bad?”

    The answer is that it depends. Generally speaking, the purpose of using subliminal audio on oneself is to improve one’s life. For example, we help people unconsciously shift their behaviors for better health, relationships, and attitudes through the subliminal audio tracks we offer. Our goal is to help humanity. However, societal and more malicious mechanisms at play aim to demonize and demoralize groups of people, and they use subliminal means to do so. We don’t advocate for this type of use in any way. However, we also can’t point fingers because it almost always “flies under the radar” by its very nature.

    Are Subliminals A Sin?

    The science that underpins subliminal frequencies, supported by research and empirical evidence, demonstrates that they are effective. This is because subliminal frequencies can communicate with a person’s unconscious mind, and the science underpins them is supported by research and empirical evidence. Therefore, the appropriate response is that subliminal messages in of themselves do not constitute sin; rather, the commission of sin depends on the source or the course of action selected by the individual who listens to the messages.

    Are Subliminals Bad & Evil?

    There are only two ways subliminals can be fundamentally bad or evil:

    (1) You are intentionally exposing yourself to malicious content. This means that you have gone out of your way to make or find subliminal material that is made for the purpose of bad intent. The only reason someone would do this is that they feel a lack of control, or in other words, Fear. This is a sign of immaturity, an unwillingness to see Reality for what it is.

    This person has concluded that they must “break bad” to make the changes they desire in their life—and they’re desperately using subliminals to achieve that.

    Being a force of bad or evil isn’t the answer. The solution—and this may be a controversial point to many readers—might be for you to be angry at God. This is because you haven’t fully acknowledged that there is something beyond you at play. You have put the weight of your entire life on your own shoulders.

    Here’s the thing: It’s not all on you. It never was.

    By shaking your first at God, you finally acknowledge that a higher power is at play. You are finally acknowledging that you are a small part of a Whole. Your need for control and your fear of “losing control” is evidence that you subconsciously believe that you don’t belong. But your existence is evidence that you do belong and that you are worthy to exist.

    I don’t expect you to understand everything that I’m saying. But consider this to be permission to be angry at God. Express the unfairness and injustices you have faced to a Higher Power. Because when you do, you will eventually exhaust your self-hatred and no longer be angry at yourself. Instead you will build a greater awareness of the World… Reality.

    When you open yourself to Reality, over time, you will find the answers you need to make the changes you’ve always wanted.

    Until then, you will remain close-minded…

    (2) People deliberately expose you to malicious subliminal influence without you knowing. To be very blunt, this is what advertising and news media do. People with means hire masterful marketers, psychologists, public speakers, and so on to act out or display demonstrations that will fulfill their own agenda.

    Generally, this is just top-tier, peak advertising for business and making money. That’s because money-making is the name of the game in capitalist societies.

    This is not evil. It’s just people doing their jobs. It just so happens that they’re very good at their jobs.

    However, some people in high-power positions are less concerned with money (they already have it) and are more concerned with power. These are the people who are divisive and aim to divide people.

    Not only do they genuinely desire to be idolized, but they also demonize and dehumanize groups of people.

    You must understand 3 very important principles about people and evil:

    • Evil is when two or more “ways of living” clash with each other
    • Demonizing or dehumanizing people is bad and evil
    • Everyone has done this at some point

    In the same way there are selfish regular people, there are also selfish people with very high means. The most selfish people don’t want to share. They are entitled and want to have it all.

    These are the people whose agenda is to attempt control of the zeitgeist. And the people they hire are geniuses.

    A genius has an IQ so high that regular people can’t even perceive what they see.

    This is why it’s impossible to point fingers. Their subliminal demonstrations “fly under the radar” and influence us without our knowing.

    Whether this influence is bad, evil, or Good depends on how it relates to the three principles mentioned earlier.

    Did you like this passage? This passage is a contribution by Rich from where he talks about psychology, spirituality, and much more.

    How Subliminals Influence Your Subconscious & Behaviors

    Subliminal messages are directed at the component of our minds known as the subconscious.

    They function using a process in which external sensory stimuli work to trigger reactions without our noticing the signals that are being sent. This allows them to operate undetected in our minds.

    When you meditate, for example, and start to exercise control over your breathing, you are shifting control from your subconscious mind to your conscious mind. This happens because you begin to exert control over your breathing when you concentrate.

    Eventually, you will let go of conscious breathing, and your subconscious will pick up breathing where you left off. This means your subconscious mind will act for you when you’re not consciously paying attention.

    Regarding the time you listen to your subliminal audio track, the recommended minimum is thirty minutes daily. The amount of time you may spend exposing yourself to a subliminal message is not bound by any time constraint. On the other hand, if you feel you are beginning to get a headache, that is a good indication that your mind needs some downtime to rest and refresh itself.


    How Subliminals Are Good For You

    According to what we have gathered, the senses of sight and hearing are the ones that are targeted by subliminal messages. It is also possible for you to perform subliminals on yourself.

    What should you do if you have trouble kicking unhealthy habits, losing weight you do not want to lose, or committing to a healthier lifestyle?

    What steps should you take if you discover that you cannot break a habit, such as telling lies regularly or gambling excessively?

    And what should you do if you have a terrible memory and want to get rid of it?

    Even though you exert a significant amount of effort, it would appear that you will not be successful in achieving the objective you have set for yourself.

    When you feel you cannot break free from a version of yourself that you are not pleased with, it is time to utilize subliminal psychology on yourself so that you may achieve the changes you desire. You can delve deep into the recesses of your mind and provide instructions to your subconscious, directing it to behave in the way you want it to.

    After that, you will become conscious of very substantial changes taking place not just in your life but also within yourself at the same time.

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