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Benefits of Reiki Seichem Healing


    Reiki and Seichem are forms of hands-on energy healing performed by directing the practitioner’s hands to channel energy into the recipient’s body. Although Reiki and Seichem are more commonly associated with healing mental and emotional conditions than with healing physical ailments, it is a commonly held belief that to have good outer health, one must first have good inner health. Based on this theory, both Reiki and Seichem have the potential to heal physical conditions in addition to mental and emotional conditions.

    Where does Reiki come from?

    Within Asian cultures, the practice of Reiki dates back centuries and has a long history of treating pre-existing conditions and warding off future illnesses. Although it is believed that Reiki originated in Japan, some schools of traditional Chinese medicine have been linked to aspects of the practice.

    The actual history of Reiki has been somewhat obscured by myth and legend, and it is highly unlikely that the whole truth will ever be uncovered. According to the information that is currently available, Dr. Mikao Usui developed Reiki while he was spending 21 days fasting and meditating in solitude on Mount Kuruama. Mount Kuruama is one of many sacred mountains in Japan. Unfortunately, this information is only now becoming available outside of Japan, so the integrity of this story cannot be verified with absolute certainty.

    Mrs. Hawayo Takata, originally from Hawaii, is credited with bringing the Usui natural healing method to the western world. This much is known. Mrs. Takata was successfully treated for a chronic illness by Dr. Hayashi at his Reiki clinic in Tokyo while she was in Japan visiting relatives. Dr. Hayashi is a Reiki practitioner. After that, Dr. Hayashi bestowed upon her the reiki attunements that enabled her to become a Reiki practitioner and to initiate other people into the practice.

    How does Reiki work?

    Acupuncture and reflexology are two examples of holistic therapies similar to reiki in that they both focus on specific points of the body. Reiki is another such therapy. These holistic, energy-based treatments are based on the body’s natural ‘chakra’ and energy fields, or auras. Additionally, these treatments are based on ancient Asian theories and very similar. The primary distinction lies in that, whereas reflexology is practiced by massaging or applying pressure to various energy points, and acupuncture involves inserting needles into various points, Reiki does not necessarily involve the practitioner touching the patient. Nevertheless, both reflexology and acupuncture are known to be effective.

    Instead, energy is directed at the body’s points by placing the hands lightly on or just over a series of locations on the recipient’s body. This allows the energy to be directed where it needs to go. The energy does not originate from the practitioner and does not deplete the practitioner’s energy supplies; rather, the energy flows through the practitioner and directly into the recipient’s body via specific points on the body. Advanced practitioners can even administer treatment remotely, even though this is a very advanced practice that new practitioners should not attempt.

    Who can practice Reiki, and who can receive its benefits?

    Learning Reiki does not require specialized skills, nor does it call for extensive study over a long period. You can learn to administer Reiki treatments not only to yourself but also to members of your family and friends, as well as to animals and plants. There are even those who practice Reiki on their home electronics. It stands to reason that a healing process that uses pure energy will be able to heal or cure inefficiencies in the workings of such organisms and articles because everything in the world works by using some form of energy. Since nothing in the world works without some form of energy, it stands to reason that nothing in the world works without some form of energy.

    At some point in their lives, everyone has the potential to awaken the latent ability to channel specific healing energy; however, this potential remains dormant until it is activated through a process known as attunement. Regardless of age or other factors, anyone can learn how to successfully channel Reiki energy and become attuned to the Reiki energy system. Once you have been tuned, you can practice Reiki and share its benefits with others in addition to receiving treatment for yourself. The attunement process is performed by a Reiki master with extensive field experience. A practitioner of Reiki can benefit from having their energy restored, and healing is done simultaneously as they are helping a patient.

    What specific advantages does receiving Reiki confer?

    The suffering associated with pain and illness, whether physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual, can be helped to a lesser extent through the practice of Reiki. In essence, this indicates that Reiki can heal. When the mind, However, when, and spirit are out of syn Emotional issues, as well as physical diseases, are both caused by disruptions in a person’s energy field. The only way to achieve true wellness is to bring the entire being back into harmony and balance, not only with itself but also with the Earth and the Universe. One of the most efficient ways to assist in reestablishing that equilibrium and harmony is through the practice of Reiki.

    Reiki, on the other hand, can be utilized daily, in contrast to more conventional forms of western medicine, which should only be used to treat specific illnesses when the patient is in pain and under the supervision of a medical professional. Patients undergoing conventional medical treatment benefit from the addition of Reiki to their care, but the practice also has the potential to be employed as a preventative measure. Because illness is brought on by imbalance, the only prudent course of action is to maintain a well-balanced health at all times; this will lower the likelihood of becoming ill.

    Many individuals find that receiving Reiki treatment is such a pleasurable experience that they schedule regular sessions as a rejuvenating and relaxing treat for themselves, in the same way, they might get a massage or a facial, a guided visualization session, or a mud bath. In this way, Reiki treatment is comparable to a facial, a massage, a guided visualization session, or a mud bath.

    What exactly does it mean to practice Reiki?

    Reiki helps the recipient feel more relaxed and experience less stress by releasing blocked energy in the body and mind. Because natural energy possesses an innate intelligence, it does not matter where on the body the treatment is directed; the energy will automatically re-direct itself and go to the location on the body where it is required, thereby assisting in the elimination of harmful toxins. Plants, animals, and even some machines and other inanimate objects can all benefit from receiving Reiki treatment.

    We initiate the self-healing process when we take action based on our wish to be healthy and complete. We can’t become healthy if we are not motivated to do so. Reiki is a practice that can help us feel more empowered and enable us to become more whole in all aspects of our lives. An increase in the flow of energy through your aura and into your physical body is one of the effects that occur when you have Reiki performed on you. Reiki energy can harmonize, or bring into balance, all of the different aspects of “you” that combine to form “you” as a whole. These aspects include the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects. Through releasing emotional blocks and trauma, as well as energy blocks within other aspects of ‘you,’ Reiki helps to ensure that you continue to be a well-balanced and healthy person, both internally and externally, physically and emotionally.

    Is there any evidence to show that Reiki is effective?

    The acceptance of the validity of energy healing practices is met with some skepticism from scientific researchers and medical practitioners. Nevertheless, numerous studies have demonstrated that patients’ health can significantly and noticeably advance after receiving energy treatments of a variety of types. Aura photographs have also revealed significant differences between the beginning of treatment and its conclusion.

    One should never use Reiki as a replacement for professional medical treatment, especially if one suffers from a serious illness. This is not a guarantee that a person will be relieved of any condition whatsoever with single or multiple treatments of Reiki, and one should never use Reiki to treat themselves. Patients appear to recover more quickly and completely when receiving both medical and Reiki treatments simultaneously. Reiki appears to enhance the effects of medical treatment when it is used in conjunction with it and the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Since the fundamental tenet of Reiki is that it cannot cause harm and cannot be applied to any activity that could be construed as harmful, there is no downside to experimenting with something that has the potential to speed up one’s recovery.

    Even though there is some debate regarding the efficacy of using Reiki to treat illnesses and injuries, using Reiki as a relaxation and stress reduction method is becoming increasingly popular and widely accepted. In addition to assisting with spiritual growth, other forms of bodywork and healing techniques, as well as athletic performance, can benefit from using Reiki.

    Because of how similar Seichem is to Reiki, there is not a lot more that can be said about it. It can be thought of as “Reiki plus.” To explain, there are four elements in the universe: earth, fire, air, and water. Each of these elements is packed with a unique kind of energy. Reiki is Earth energy, whereas Seichem is an initiation into all four elements. During treatments and initiations, each element produces unique feelings and experiences and has unique curative qualities.

    Earth (Reiki) healing energy is experienced as vastly different hot and cold sensations, just like on the earth’s surface.

    Pulses of low-voltage electricity, which have the sensation of being hot and prickly, are one of fire’s most distinctive and immediately recognizable characteristics.

    The sensation of water is like waves of refreshing energy, bringing up underlying emotional issues that need to be healed.

    Air, also known as Ether, is a dual form of energy that consists of air and spirit and is beneficial for the mental healing. It strengthens the power of the third eye and the power of the spoken words. When this particular energy is channeled during the treatment, the healer and the patient will frequently experience being surrounded by angels.

    The energy that can be felt during an attunement process for Seichem is significantly stronger than the energy that can be felt during sessions of Reiki. This is because the space begins to radiate with energy and heat, both of which can be experienced bodily. Therefore, a newly attuned Seichem practitioner must consume a lot of water in the days immediately following their initiation to flush the cleared blockages and negative energies out of their body. This should be done by drinking a lot of water.

    The person initiated into Reiki will have their vibrational energy level raised. At the same time, they are being tuned, whallowinghem to have clearer access to the healing energies th A person’s capacity for self-healing is significantly enhanced after they have undergone the Seichem attunement process, which opens them up even further. In the same way that anyone can become a Reiki practitioner by going through the attunement process, anyone can become a Seichem practitioner. The sole prerequisite is a strong desire to facilitate the mental and physical recovery of oneself and those around you.

    Once a new Seichem practitioner has been initiated, they will have unrestricted access to the healing frequencies. They may continue to use the energies to assist themselves and others for as long as they feel called to do so. People who go through the initiation ritual appear to mature and improve due to the experience, and they are never quite the same again. Practitioners have reported feeling less anxious and more optimistic, gaining new levels of confidence, and suddenly discovering the motivation and ability to change things in their lives that they had been avoiding.

    In the same way that those who practice Reiki do not claim to cure all illnesses personally, those who practice Seichem do not claim to be able to do so either. Instead, they are merely a conduit through which the universal energies can be channeled to assist the recipient in regaining and maintaining the highest possible physical and mental health level.

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