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Best Books on Healing Energy


    In this post, we go over the top ten best books on healing energy.

    In some circles, energy healing is also referred to as energy medicine. It is a form of alternative healing that involves harnessing and activating the body’s subtle energy systems to bring about wellness and eliminate blockages.

    There is a diverse selection of approaches to energy healing to choose from. Reiki, Qigong, Tai Chi, Healing Touch, Sound Healing, Acupuncture, and Crystal Healing are some of the more widespread forms of alternative medicine. This can involve various energy systems, including the aura, chakras, and meridians.

    Learning about energy healing can help you feel more grounded, connect deeper with yourself, relieve unresolved emotional issues, reduce pain and injury, remove toxins, and relieve stress caused by unresolved emotional problems. In a nutshell, it improves your physical health while also assisting you in bringing harmony to your mind, spirit, and body.

    The following is a list of the top books on energy healing; some are more appropriate for novices, while others are written more for experienced healers. In addition, while some concentrated on a few different energy systems and techniques, others focused entirely on just one.

    Find the book that speaks to you the most and pick that one.

    Top 10 Best Energy Healing Books

    1. Energy Medicine by Donna Eden and David Feinstein

    A husband and wife collaborated on the writing of this book. In contrast to her husband, who works as a rational clinical psychologist, the wife practices intuitive healing. This insightful and well-organized book is the result of combining the authors’ respective strengths.

    This book includes a substantial amount of information as well as hands-on activities. You will understand the anatomy of nine different energy systems, such as the meridians, chakras, aura, triple warmer, and radiant circuits. Additionally, it includes illustrations and step-by-step instructions that will show you how to move the energy in your body.

    Therefore, you should read this book either when you have a specific illness that needs healing or when you want to integrate some techniques into your life to lower your stress level and increase your energy level.

    2. The Subtle Body by Cyndi Dale​

    Every aspect of one’s health can be broken down into two categories: the physical and the energetic. There is a connection between subtle and physical energy, despite their operations being slightly distinct from one another.

    This comprehensive guide is not simply an encyclopedia of the anatomy of subtle energy fields. Instead, it provides you with in-depth information on human anatomy in addition to information on energy anatomy so that you can have a better understanding of energy anatomy. This is the book to read if you want to understand the connection between the energy system and the physical body.

    This book offers you the opportunity to heal your body, mind, and soul by gaining an understanding of the flow of your energy. It is well-researched, comprehensive, and illustrated with colors. It is wonderful for personal and professional use, making it an excellent choice for professionals who aspire to become even more skilled healers.

    3. The Subtle Body Practice Manual by Cyndi Dale

    This book is an extension of the original resource guide, The Subtle Body. The previous book gives you the “what,” while this hands-on companion gives you the “how.” If you are someone who just wants to perform energy healing and isn’t that interested in the scientific and spiritual research behind energetic healing, then this book is perfect for you.

    This book explores various techniques for working with the subtle aspects of the body, emotions, and the subconscious mind. It helps you determine which modality will be most effective for specific health issues.

    Great for healing professions, this book also provides special guidance on how to set strong, energetic boundaries so that you can care for yourself while healing others.

    4. Hands of Light by Barbara Ann Brennan

    Auras and chakras take up the bulk of the discussion in this book. This book was penned by a healer, therapist, and scientist who has devoted more than twenty years of their life to conducting research and investigation.

    The author connects her scientific understanding of physics with the practice of energy healing in a book aimed at therapists and other professionals in the healthcare industry. It offers a comprehensive look at the energy field surrounding the human body. Therefore, readers who want to become lightworkers or professional healers are the best candidates for picking up this lengthy book. It is recommended that it be used in a classroom setting, or at the very least, under the direction of an instructor.

    This book is perfect for you if you are interested in healing yourself and the people around you.

    5. Light Emerging by Barbara Ann Brennan

    Following the release of her first book, Hands of Light, the author continues her research into how our life energies are connected to our health, illnesses, and the ability to heal. She also develops an interest in the reasons why people become ill.

    This book, in contrast to her first one, geared more toward energy healing practitioners, is more concerned with the reader’s healing. People who are interested in collaborating with a healer or a physician are the best candidates for this.

    This book’s author will demonstrate how to formulate a treatment strategy in collaboration with your practitioner to derive the maximum benefit from the healing process. In addition to this, she investigates how the relationships in our lives can influence our health, both positively and negatively, and how you can incorporate the spiritual aspects of your healing plans.

    6. Quantum-Touch by Richard Gordon

    Start with this book if you’re overwhelmed by the amount of information available on energy medicine; it’s straightforward.

    Healing through touch is the focus of the hands-on modality known as Quantum-Touch. You can activate the energy in the body and speed up the body’s healing response with as little as a feather’s touch, whether you’re working on yourself or someone else.

    Because one does not need to spend many years learning the method, it is an excellent choice for beginners. To put this technique into practice, all you need to do is learn some basic breathing techniques, some meditation on body awareness, and some hand positions. Then, with enough practice, anybody can do it.

    As soon as you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to improve your posture and alignment, lessen pain and inflammation, bring emotional distress under control, and even heal animals.


    7. The Little Book of Energy Healing Techniques by Karen Frazier

    Regarding energy healing, there are many different techniques to choose from. Meditation, hands-on healing, sound healing, crystals, and aromatherapy are some of the energy healing techniques discussed in detail in this book. It also provides an excellent overview of these straightforward and useful methods.

    This book was written to assist you in balancing your energy rather than curing your diseases; therefore, more advanced techniques such as Reiki, acupuncture, and Ayurveda are not included in its pages.

    This book is appropriate for readers who are completely new to the concept of energy healing due to its attractive layout and colorful illustrations. But even if you already have some familiarity with this topic, you might discover a significant amount of new information you were unaware of before reading this essay.

    8. The Little Book of Energy Medicine by Donna Eden and Dondi Dahlin

    This book is perfect for you if you’re looking for is an accessible manual that you can keep on you at all times for easy access to information.

    This book, which has fewer than one hundred pages, is an excellent resource for those unfamiliar with energy medicine and wanting to learn more. It includes exercises that can help with common health issues, such as restlessness, headaches, anxiety, anger, and fear. Therefore, if you are stuck in one of these conditions or feelings at any point during the day, you can consult the book, perform the exercise, and experience some relief almost immediately.

    This book also includes a daily energy routine that you can perform in just five minutes to help restore the natural flow of energy throughout your body. It is convenient for people who have a lot going on in their lives.

    9. Reiki Healing for Beginners by Karen Frazier

    Alternative medicine in the form of reiki was developed in Japan in the 19th century. This is an excellent companion if you are studying Reiki with a teacher or intend to use Reiki for energy healing on yourself or others in the future.

    By reading this book, you will learn the fundamental reiki techniques needed to treat over one hundred different physical and mental conditions, such as autoimmune disorders, migraines, and depression.

    This book will show you how to put theory into practice with straightforward instructions broken down into individual steps. It will be organized in a logical progression from beginning to end.

    This book will not only help you heal your body, mind, and soul, but it will also provide you with a wealth of information, such as the history of Reiki and instructions on locating a Reiki master who is best suited to your needs.

    10. Anatomy of the Spirit by Caroline Myss

    The chakra system is the primary organizing principle for healing covered in this book.

    In this book, the author details the challenges associated with each chakra and demonstrates how each illness corresponds to a distinct pattern of mental and emotional stresses, beliefs, and attitudes. The author will also provide some self-examination questions at the end of each chapter pertaining to the chakras to assist you in getting the healing process off to a good start.

    This book is built not only on the author’s fifteen years of research into energy medicine but also on the Christian, Hindu, and Kabbalah traditions’ respective bodies of knowledge. It connects the seven chakras to the sacraments of Christianity and the Tree of Life in Jewish tradition. Therefore, it is best suited for somebody willing to learn from various religious doctrines.