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Can babies have reiki healing?


    The calming effects of Reiki are truly amazing for infants and babies. They provide exceptional benefits for premature newborns and newborns with special needs.

    Reiki has a soothing effect on colic. Promotes restful sleep.

    Every newborn is an precious gift. However after one week of life some infants may display early signs of stress, such as restlessness or colic. These symptoms can persist for days. While childhood stress may initially seem harmless if left unaddressed at such an age it can lead to disharmony and imbalance.

    Regrettably many parents of newborns who experience these challenges may be unwilling or unable to recognize their childs anxiety. Additionally parents may worry about being held responsible for their childrens behavior.

    The good news is that babies are incredibly receptive to the flow of Reiki energy. Due to this openness most babies only require a brief Reiki session lasting between 10 to 20 minutes depending on their individual needs.

    With the help of Reiki:

    Babies can enjoy more peaceful sleep.
    It provides relief for babies experiencing colic.
    Reiki makes the teething process more manageable.

    Receiving Reiki treatment can be tremendously beneficial not for infants but also, for their families.When a child falls sick and stays home parents often experience a sense of helplessness and despair as they are unable to do much to alleviate their childs discomfort. However it is remarkable how simply observing a baby calming down while being gently touched by a Reiki practitioner can bring relief and comfort to the entire family. Babies possess a sensitivity towards their parents emotional state and witnessing their parents unwind can have a profoundly positive impact on them.

    Reiki can offer support to new parents who find themselves navigating the ups and downs of early parenthood. The initial phase can be quite challenging with sleep deprivation and the constant need for focused attention. To be completely candid as a parent myself I vividly recall how exhausting the first six months were. It often felt as though I was, in a state of fatigue perpetually bewildered yet persistently engaged in various responsibilities. Nonetheless amidst all the weariness there was a sense of pure joy that never wavered. Regrettably my lack of experience prevented me from practicing Reiki at that time.

    Therefore considering the nature of early parenthood introducing new parents to a rejuvenating Reiki session could be an exceptional gift. It can provide them with needed respite from feelings of overwhelm and anxiety that often accompany this transformative phase of their lives.

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