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Can chakra crystals go in the water?


    It’s not as difficult as some might think. It makes perfect sense to follow the trend of drinking water infused with minerals to reap their benefits. If this kind of stone can take in and release energy, and if water is a natural transmitter, then why shouldn’t we be the ones to receive these qualities?

    The celebrity who is the most passionate about promoting this trend is Gwyneth Paltrow. She even sells a specialized kit, but you only need a quartz crystal and a glass flask (which you can buy in Tessai). However, before you go out and collect any stones, you need to understand that not all stones are the same:

    • Minerals: Their structure differentiates them. They are generally made up of a couple of chemical elements. They are solid and inorganic.
    • Crystals: Although all crystals are minerals, the truth is that not all minerals are crystals. The most common is quartz.
    • Rocks: Gather different minerals and organic elements. It may contain remains of fossilized plants, insects, or animals.

    How to take advantage of the crystals?

    The first step is the most important one: choose the kinds of stones that you will work with, as each type of stone emits distinct energy and offers a unique set of advantages. Caution is advised because some of them can produce toxins, and putting all of them in the water is not something that is recommended.

    Once you have decided which ones to use, it is best to wash them with clean water to eliminate any traces of dust or dirt, thoroughly dry them, and then cleanse their energy by placing them in a glass jar filled with water and placing it in direct sunlight or under the moonlight for a few hours.

    After they have been washed and refilled, place them in a thermos containing both natural and drinking water for two to four hours before beginning to consume their contents.

    The return to health and happiness won’t happen overnight, but will happen in time.

    • Amethyst

    Color: From violet to lavender.

    Origin: All over the world, mainly in Brazil and Uruguay.

    Benefit: Reduces stress, gives protection, and encourages Transformation.

    If you go through a creative block or exhaustion, you will find relief from headaches and insomnia in this stone.

    It is also useful to keep negative vibes away, fostering a calm space in which creativity and imagination flow.

    Therefore, it is also considered to promote transformations.

    • Crystal Quartz

    Color: Transparent.

    Origin: All over the world.

    Benefit: Helps transformation, healing, and clarity of thought.

    Most watches work because they have small quartz inside. That’s how powerful and useful this crystal is.

    That is why it is considered valuable to transmit energy, connect you to higher levels of consciousness and help heal emotional wounds. As it is a good transmitter, it is used together with other crystals or quartz to enhance its effects.

    • Garnet

    Color: Intense, almost black wine

    Origin: China, United States, Mexico

    Benefits: Increases creativity, sensuality, and passion

    It is a mineral considered a precious stone. It is an energy boost but focuses on attraction, pleasure, or sensitivity.

    That is why it is useful to deactivate inhibitions and emotional blocks and is excellent for healing traumas. It is also connected with creative awakening and the encouragement of imagination.

    • Citrine Quartz

    Color: Bright Orange

    Origin: Brazil, Congo, and Madagascar

    Benefit: Arouses creativity, gives energy and good luck

    They describe it with rays of sunshine encapsulated by the vibrancy of its tone and the power of its energy.

    And yes, it is like a flame that lights, motivates, and helps to achieve goals. If you are in the process of generating intentions and manifesting goals, surround yourself with this crystal to increase your self-esteem.

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    • Turquoise

    Color: Blue or green

    Origin: United States, China, Tibet, and Iran

    Benefits: Protection and integrity

    It is a mineral traditionally used in the jewelry of various tribes, such as the Aztecs and the Navajo Indians of the United States. Its use is linked to awareness of the environment, respect for the planet, understanding natural cycles, and the balance between heaven and earth.

    It is an ancestral talisman of protection to maintain the integrity and offer certainty.

    Beware: there are many imitations.

    • Pink quartz

    Color: light pink

    Origin: Madagascar

    Benefits: Stimulates feelings of love, tenderness, and compassion

    It is linked to the heart chakra and helps it to heal, promoting forgiveness, self-love, and love towards others.

    For all that, no person does not find a benefit in it.

    However, being a rare crystal, its price can be high. Therefore, many versions of tinted quartz and calcite are on the market.

    Toxic crystals

    Among the crystals that are not recommended for water cleansing are:

    • Adamite
    • Arsenate and copper
    • Alexandrite
    • Aluminum
    • Amazonite
    • Copper
    • Bismuth
    • calcite dissolves in water
    • Selenite dissolves in water

    Take into account that when it comes to quartz or crystals in water, there is no scientific evidence of its effects except the placebo effect of its benefits when drinking it. So make sure your crystal is safe to use, and don’t forget to consult your doctor.

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