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Can distance reiki be done remotely?


    Reiki can be found in all living things, including humans, animals, and plants.

    Ki is used to referring to this type of energy in Japanese. Because of things like stress, pain, illness, or negative emotions like rage, frustration, anxiety, sorrow, hopelessness, or others, our ki can become out of whack for various reasons. These conditions either deplete our natural supply of flowing ki or cause blockages in its movement. Our immune system operates more effectively when our ki is in a state of balance.

    When our ki is restricted or depleted, it can hurt our bodies’ resources for maintaining our health. Because of the integrated nature of our being, our minds and bodies are inextricably linked and mutually influence one another. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that maintaining a healthy equilibrium in our energy can benefit the overall health of our bodies.

    What is Reiki?

    Ki isn’t just inside all living things, but it’s also between us, connecting us all. This is because the ki around us has a higher frequency, just as the water in the air has a lighter state than the water found in our bodies, even though all of it is composed of the same elemental H2O.

    Even though our ki can become unbalanced, the ki that exists between us is not tainted or hampered by our problems. Therefore, in the same way that clean drinking water can purify our body, taking in some of this “pure” ki can restore our energy and remove any obstructions that it may have.

    Many words, including “mysterious,” “spiritual,” and “spiritually guided,” can be used to translate the Japanese character rei. When we get Reiki, the pure ki that comes from outside our systems is guided to us so that we can receive it in the areas of our bodies that are out of balance and use it to help heal ourselves and get back into a state of equilibrium.

    Picture a driveway that is riddled with holes. Someone could empty a bucket of water onto that driveway, and the water would naturally flow into each hole, filling one, flowing out, and filling the next until it had filled all of the holes in the driveway. This process could be repeated indefinitely.

    It is unnecessary for the person to physically go to each hole and individually pour water into it one at a time. Similarly, the energy received during a session of Reiki flows to naturally correct any imbalances and replenish any areas of our bodies in which our energy reserves have been depleted. Consequently, tension is relieved, pain is alleviated, and optimism is reestablished.

    “A client had been struggling with migraines and asked for distance Reiki,” said Jennafer Martin, a Reiki practitioner. During the session, I learned that the energy was moving to the base of her skull and the back of her neck. Instantaneously, she experienced a decrease in her pain and a heightened sense of relaxation as a result of receiving Reiki. It was a burden off her shoulders, and it gave me professional satisfaction to be able to assist her. “I was able to help her through the process.”

    In what way is the energy directed?

    Intention serves as a navigator for energy. The intention serves as the engine that propels the energy. Through the power of intention, we communicate with the vital life force energy how we want it to function. A directive thought is one definition of the term “intention.” Instead of daydreaming, it involves thinking aloud or about a specific topic. The next step is to determine the desired outcome.

    That may sound straightforward, and in a sense, it is.

    All of our mental states, including our feelings and thoughts, are composed of energy. This energy has the potential to affect other individuals. You’ve probably had an experience where you could sense another person’s anger or sadness even though that person didn’t tell you how they were feeling. Or being close to a person for a short period and picking up that person’s upbeat and bouncy disposition. That bubble, which represents your aura, does not merely serve as a container for your energy. In addition, it is connected to all of the energy around and within every living thing.

    Life force energy is present in everything alive and the planet itself.

    How does distance Reiki work?

    The energization received during a distance Reiki session is identical to that received during a session where the practitioner is present; the only difference is the connection mode. It is a common misconception that physical distance does not affect how energy is transferred.

    This form of therapy serves to remind us that we are all interconnected in some way, as we are all composed of energy and are a component of a larger whole.

    Since every one of us is energetically connected to the rest of the universe, it will not be difficult for the therapist to establish a connection with the patient.

    In addition, receiving Reiki at a distance can make you feel more at ease as a patient because you can receive the treatment in the comfort of your own home or another location of your choosing. This can help you feel more at ease and open to the energetic reception that is taking place.

    Sessions are the same length as those conducted in person and can be scheduled at the most suitable time for the patient.

    In addition, some therapists will conduct a pre-consultation with the patient over the phone or via video call to determine the general direction of the consultation and obtain an anamnesis. It is entirely dependent on the approach taken by the Therapist.

    How to receive Reiki from a distance

    During the session, the therapist creates a mental connection with the client by imagining him between his hands and moving his hands around the client’s body and the environment. Just make sure to keep in touch with this person.

    Distance Techniques used in Reiki could differ from one practitioner to the next. For example, some practitioners can conduct the Reiki consultation over the internet using a video call.

    Some therapists materialize and mentalize their patients with the assistance of a doll, a pillow, or a photograph, but most practitioners focus solely on mentalization as a means of energy transmission.

    When transmitting the therapist’s energy, it is recommended that those receiving Reiki remain in a quiet environment and maintain silence while visualizing their bodies soaking up all the energy the Reiki practitioner is releasing.

    Additionally, it is recommended to be upright while wearing comfortable and light clothing. However, it is essential to stress that there is not necessarily any kind of ceremony involved in this process. Simply allow yourself to be receptive to the Reiki energy.

    During the Reiki session, the therapist transforms into a universal connection channel and channels energy to the patient through Reiki symbols. This helps the patient’s energy centers (chakras) return to equilibrium.

    After all, does distance Reiki work?

    The vast majority of activities must be carried out in person so long as we continue to exist in this physical world. Things like getting a haircut, a massage, dental care, or a blood test are examples of things that can’t be done remotely. There must be some sort of tangible connection to your body for this to work.

    In Reiki, it is different. Reiki is not invasive. Your energy creates a connection between us on a spiritual and energetic level, which is necessary to complete energy work.

    For us to comprehend this, we have to acknowledge the fact that we are more than the sum of our physical parts. Although our minds are home to our thoughts, emotions, and feelings, as well as our ideas, perspectives, and moral convictions, these aspects of ourselves are not a part of our physical bodies. They are not actual physical elements but rather energies that have the potential to affect our physical bodies.

    Even though they are not made of physical matter, our soul and spirit are both essential components of who we are.

    “Rei” is Japanese for “conductor,” and “Ki” refers to energy. The energy of Reiki establishes a connection with us on both a spiritual and an energetic level. Distance Reiki is effective because energy is not affected by the passage of time or distance. Simply put, distance is a limitation imposed by the physical world.

    We can comprehend the existence of other energy frequencies that we cannot see, such as electricity, radios, mobile phones, and wireless internet. At first, these frequencies were thought to be farfetched and impossible to exist, but these days, most people recognize them as perfectly normal and necessary services, right?

    The Reiki practitioner acts as a conduit for the energy and attunes it to the person it is sent to. After this, the energy travels through the energy currents already existing in the universe.

    Additionally, the practitioner of face-to-face Reiki does not need to contact the patient at any point during the session physically. The session is carried out with the hands of the therapist hovering just above the patient’s body. There is no need for actual contact—just the transmission of power!

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