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Can hypnosis change your personality?


    The question is: Can hypnosis change your personality?

    Yes, hypnosis can help you change your personality. This is actually done by shifting your behavior to express the personality traits you want more often, and toning down the traits that you don’t want. All personality traits are already within you, but some of us need help putting those aspects of ourselves forward. Hypnosis helps us do that.

    How Can Hypnosis Change Your Personality

    Let’s imagine you want to eat a candy bar, but your doctor has told you that you are at risk for developing diabetes. You are aware of the bar and see it as a desirable object you want to consume. The only thing the brain understands about a candy bar is that it represents healthy sugar energy.

    However, our adrenal glands have informed us that this is not healthy for us, and our pancreas cannot process the additional sugar. So the body generates extra insulin to exceed the quantity you need. In any case, you should be able to anticipate where it will go. It tells the subconscious that the candy bar is now a negative thing rather than a positive thing, and it will respond either soon or in a few days.

    What hypnosis does is help you overcome the desire to eat the candy bar by making the candy bar a NO NO rather than a YE YES. Hypnosis helps you overcome the desire to eat the candy bar by making the Subconscious make the candy bar a NO NO and not a YE YES (depending on when you buy a candy bar).

    The subconscious only knows what it is taught; therefore, you un-educate it. You can instruct it to consume more protein for its energy needs. It concerns how you access the subconscious and trust your therapist. You also need to be willing to change; if you are not very interested in altering your behavior, you are not likely to do so.

    Hypnotherapy cannot force someone to behave in a way they do not wish to. You are not under anyone’s control. If you want to stop smoking, You have to be truly ready to accomplish it.

    Personality shifts are possible even without the assistance of hypnosis, which induces a deeper state of trance than the mind ordinarily reaches via natural processes or through meditation.

    If you want to modify certain aspects of your personality, working with a hypnosis practitioner will speed up the process by 93%. However, I feel it necessary to mention that, like other professions, not all hypnotherapists are made equal.

    The vast majority of people who practice hypnosis have merely received training on providing hypnotic suggestions, which may take anywhere from one week to 18 months to have an impact. Instead of effecting a change, hypnotic suggestions just add a suggestion for the feature to the individual’s unconscious mind, where the trait already exists.

    A comprehensive procedure of determining the underlying cause of the existing personality feature and changing it to the desired attribute is required for a transformation that is intended to be long-lasting. If you are interested in changing a characteristic of your personality, I would be happy to help you as a trained Deep Healing practitioner with more than three decades of expertise.


    Indeed, that is the case. In our own system, we have a scenario quite similar to this one. Our guardian alters; M also has a few of her own alterations. M used to have a brief conversation with my ex-boyfriend whenever one of these triggers occurred, and before we knew about this, she did this.

    First, she would say things and start talking slightly differently, then she would not recall what she said afterward. When my ex-girlfriend inquired who was speaking at that moment, she continued to say M. In later conversations, he would bring it up again, but the present M didn’t remember it and thought it wasn’t typical of her behavior. This sounds very much like how it was for me when I discovered dissociative identity disorder (DID), only that it took place inside the same alter.

    Now, after M has been working with our therapist for several months and we have learned more about her, we have discovered that she has her own alters. My therapist has told me that this is known as a “subsystem.” The collection of alterations that make up a body is referred to as a system, whereas the alterations included inside an alter are referred to as subsystems.

    We now know that R, J, Sk, and an alter that must remain nameless are all distinct components of M. Following a significant amount of work with them, we have come to the realization that these parts all became separated as a result of a string of traumatic experiences that occurred during our teenage years. M plays a significant part in our organization by seizing control of potentially hazardous circumstances and ensuring we can escape harm’s way.

    If she were forced to bear the weight of those traumatic memories, it’s possible that she wouldn’t be able to continue protecting us. Therefore, she needed to separate herself as well.

    Communication with these components operates slightly differently than communication with the rest of the components. For example, when I have a pressing desire to communicate with a certain alter, I am sometimes able to do so as long as they are somewhat near to me in our thoughts.

    However, if I require communication with any of M’s guises, I must go through M’s Alternate versions of her likewise do not trust anybody outside of M other than other versions of herself. It is difficult to comprehend, but I hope you can get the gist.

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