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Can hypnosis trigger psychosis?


    The question is: Can hypnosis trigger psychosis?

    Yes, it is possible, but only in really unusual circumstances, such as when the patient is extremely agitated and is not being kept under control by medicine. If you currently suffer from a mental disease and are thinking of seeing a hypnotherapist, it is imperative that you first get the okay from your primary care physician.

    How Can Hypnosis Trigger Psychosis

    The question “Can hypnosis lead, to psychosis?” is frequently asked by individuals dealing with health issues.

    It is a concern so it’s important to research before considering hypnotherapy if you have any mental illness. It’s crucial to understand the distinction between a condition rooted in the bodys physiology or biological processes and one rooted in the mind.

    So what is psychosis?

    Psychosis refers to the inability of a person to distinguish between unreal experiences, which’s its defining characteristic.

    Individuals experiencing psychosis may hold beliefs, experience confusion and exhibit behavior. It can also manifest alongside disorders making diagnosis more complex in certain cases.

    Psychotic disorders include conditions such as schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder and bipolar affective disorder. While there is some evidence suggesting a predisposition, to these conditions it is impossible to “catch” them from another person.It’s really fascinating. A question I often encounter. However the evidence suggests that hypnotherapy is not a treatment, for psychosis. As I’ve mentioned in publications disorders rooted in the bodys physiology typically require forms of intervention.That being said, over the years I have made exceptions, in cases where individuals diagnosed with schizophrenia or bipolar illness have achieved stability while undergoing their medication. However it is crucial to disclose any treatment for psychosis to your hypnotherapist as hypnosis has the potential to trigger episodes in those who haven’t achieved medication stability. Sharing this information will enable the hypnotherapist to make a decision based on your circumstances.

    When selecting the hypnotherapist for yourself it is important to follow a guidelines. Firstly always consult with your psychiatrist or general practitioner. Secure their permission before commencing the hypnosis process. Secondly, conduct research.

    Ensure that you choose a hypnotherapist who possesses a minimum of 5 years of experience before finalizing your decision. Personally I would refrain from working with clients who’re clinically depressed, agitated or experiencing thoughts. Additionally individuals with a history of illness who haven’t attained stability through medication are not candidates, for my practice. Although rare there is a risk associated with hypnosis in cases.Could a person, with a health condition develop psychosis as a result of hypnosis? While it is theoretically possible such occurrences are incredibly rare. Typically require circumstances. For instance if the individual’s highly distressed and not adequately managed with medication. If you are currently experiencing an illness and contemplating hypnotherapy it is crucial to consult with your primary care physician, for their professional advice and approval.

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