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Can reiki help with fertility and pregnancy?


    Reiki may appear to be a far-fetched esoteric discipline at first glance. Still, this healing technique has been shown to help with various health ailments, including fertility-related issues.

    What exactly is Reiki?

    Reiki is a type of energy transfer that dates back to the nineteenth century. Reiki practitioners believe that Jesus used this method and that he was able to heal others simply by laying on of hands. Dr. Mikao Usui, the original inventor of this craft, traveled the world to discover ancient secrets and passed them on to his friends, who carried on the tradition. Reiki works by directing a person’s “life forces” through the chakras. It becomes ill when there are holes or blockages in the energy shield that surrounds the body.

    A “line” of chakras runs through the center of the body. Chakras can be found in the head, heart, abdomen, reproductive organs, etc. Each chakra point is associated with a life force. When this area is blocked, a person experiences health issues associated with a specific chakra. Sadness and chest pain, for example, can occur when the heart chakra is blocked. By placing hands on the point where energy is blocked, an exchange of energy occurs, and the life force is healed, which in turn heals the body.

    Reiki practitioner

    Although this ancient method was once considered too sacred to discuss, its “secret” has since been shared with many people worldwide. After thoroughly examining energy management, a person is introduced to the various levels until they achieve mastery. She can then teach the art to others and practice it on the sick herself. This can be done with or without direct touch and even over long distances.

    Fertility issues and Reiki

    The Fertility Advantages of Reiki Nothing is more painful for a woman than the inability to have a child. This creates an indescribable longing that others can understand well. Among other things, infertility can be caused by hormonal imbalance, obesity, or stress. All of these factors have been identified as symptoms of chakra blockages.

    Someone who feels their chakras are blocked can perform a Reiki energy exchange. For example, if a woman is having difficulty getting pregnant, she can heal herself or seek the help of a Reiki practitioner. Because this healing relieves nervousness and tension, the body can relax, making conception easier.

    Reiki can promote follicle growth and the production of healthy ova during a woman’s menstrual cycle, relieving stress and bringing emotional and mental balance. It can also assist with egg fertilization and embryo implantation in the endometrium.

    Many women notice that their periods are becoming more regular, experiencing less pain and that their emotional state is improving even before they become pregnant. Pregnancy occurs in many cases within months of the vital forces being healed; however, many women continue the healing treatment even during pregnancy to promote the baby’s health.

    Reiki during pregnancy

    One of life’s most beautiful and spiritual experiences is pregnancy.

    However, the road to motherhood can still be fraught with stressors for the body, mind, and soul.

    Reiki has a healing energy that is beneficial not only to expectant mothers but also to their unborn children.

    Reiki is frequently used as an adjunct in hospitals and is increasingly praised for its unusual pregnancy benefits.

    According to a recent study from Hartford Hospital in the United States, pregnant women who used Reiki experienced a 94 percent reduction in anxiety and stress. Furthermore, there was a 78 percent reduction in pain. There was also an 80% decrease in morning sickness.

    Pregnant women who practice or receive Reiki have an 86 percent improvement in their sleep quality.

    Are you concerned that Reiki will hurt your pregnancy? Don’t worry: Reiki is gentle energy guided by your body’s energy needs.

    Your body regulates itself based on needs, directing energy where required!

    While the effects of Reiki differ from one woman to the next, pregnant women consistently report feeling more relaxed, serene, and radiant following a Reiki session.

    Reiki can assist you in releasing any anxiety or negative emotions that may arise during your pregnancy.

    However, Reiki is not only beneficial to your health during pregnancy. Reiki can also help with anxiety attacks and pain relief during labor.

    It’s no surprise that more and more pregnant women are discovering Reiki.

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