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Can reiki make you feel worse?


    The vast majority of people who receive Reiki treatments report immediate feelings of improvement. Their thoughts are clearer, they have a sense of inner peace, their emotional distress is alleviated, and they are no longer in physical pain. On the other hand, some people report having strange sensations, experiencing physical discomfort, or having the impression that their symptoms have worsened.

    Those who report feeling worse after receiving Reiki sessions are experiencing side effects that are comparable to those that occur during the detoxification process that is a part of other forms of healing, such as diet cleanses. This is the process by which the body rids itself of toxins, preparing the ground for a full recovery. But, unfortunately, this is normal and won’t last forever.

    There are various ways to facilitate this purification process within the body. Keep reading to learn what these are and to understand why some people who receive Reiki therapy experience adverse effects.

    The phrase “universal life energy” is what people mean when they talk about Reiki. This energy field can be found inside each of our bodies. Health problems manifest themselves whenever it is thrown off-kilter or otherwise interfered with. This energy is ‘healed’ or ‘balanced’ through Reiki therapy, encouraging physical, psychological, and spiritual healing. In the 1920s, a Japanese man named Mikao Usui developed a therapeutic method based on the idea that the human body possesses the innate capacity to heal itself.

    The practitioner of Reiki will rebalance the patient’s energy flow by moving their hands over the patient’s body while they are clothed during a session of Reiki. In addition, Reiki therapy can help alleviate various symptoms, including pain, fatigue, anxiety, stress, and depression.

    An Explanation of the Healing Process

    Practitioners of most metaphysical healing therapies address the whole person and share a holistic philosophy, which holds that physical ailments are caused by spiritual or psychological turmoil. This belief is present even though these practitioners use a variety of approaches to healing.

    Healing occurs almost immediately for many people after receiving Reiki treatments; however, true, profound healing takes place throughout several sessions. It does not always proceed in chronological order but instead follows a spiraling and recycling pattern that uncovers each successive layer of concern until recovery is achieved. In many cases, the primary symptom is connected to more than one aspect of a person’s life. For healing to occur, it is necessary to unearth all of these things.

    The Reiki Experience is Subject to Individual Interpretation

    The practice of Reiki, which is intended to complement more conventional medical and psychological approaches, is person-centered. When patients are more receptive to its potential, they have better results. On the other hand, having a negative attitude toward the practice may harm their experience.

    Since each person possesses their unique energy field, their experiences with similar spiritual healing practices, such as Rolfing, will also be unique. On the other hand, Reiki Master Healers will tell you that “Reiki cannot cause any harm.” This is the central idea behind the Reiki healing technique. In contrast to allopathic medicine, Reiki does not have any known contraindications. Rebalancing occurs for both practitioners and patients during this process.

    It is common practice in holistic and alternative medicine for patients to report that their symptoms have worsened after a session or that completely new symptoms have appeared out of nowhere. Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners subscribe to the philosophy that treatable conditions of a lesser severity must first be addressed to forestall the development of more serious conditions. This is one explanation for the side effects, which are considered relatively insignificant. Therefore, patients must go through them to prevent them from developing more serious illnesses.

    What exactly is meant by a “healing crisis”?

    A phenomenon known as the healing crisis, the reversal process, healing/cleansing/retracing/detox/purification/Jarisch-Herxheimer reactions, and Lucio’s Phenomena is an additional way to explain the adverse effects. It is a temporary intensification of symptoms that occurs while the body is healing by expelling toxins from the system.

    It can also occur when the body “remembers” previous illnesses or injuries it has suffered. After the attunement, also known as the process of becoming aware or receptive, or calibration, this is a type of realignment or detoxification that takes place (the adjustment of results in consideration of external factors for comparison with other data).

    Because most people equate recovery with feeling better, they mistakenly interpret feeling worse as a sign that their therapy or practitioner has failed them. These after-treatment sensations are not unique to Reiki. However, they can occur after any treatment. They also manifest in some patients who receive other types of metaphysical healing, such as craniosacral therapy (manipulation of the skull to relieve pain), homeopathy, chiropractic, or reflexology.

    One approach to gaining a deeper comprehension of the healing crisis is to compare it to the process of spring cleaning one’s home. When you first begin the process of spring cleaning your body, mind, and spirit, you will find that it is more difficult. However, as you continue the process with subsequent treatments, you will be able to ensure that your physical, spiritual, and psychological equilibrium will be restored. Subsequent Reiki treatments contribute to an even greater restoration of balance, which was already present.

    Detoxification is the term used to describe the cleansing process during addiction treatment. The healing crisis is analogous to going through withdrawal, which is an unsettling, frequently painful, and extremely uncomfortable process in and of itself. However, it is an essential step in recovery and cannot be avoided.

    Relieving the Symptoms of the Crisis

    Several experiences that patients reported having after receiving Reiki treatment are broken down below into two categories:


    • fatigue, weakness
    • energy boost
    • unpleasant physical sensations
    • headache, dizziness
    • redness of the skin, rashes, rashes
    • night sweats, hot or cold flushes, fever
    • congestion, sore throat
    • nausea
    • muscle/joint pain
    • cold extremities
    • disorientation
    • diarrhea or constipation
    • flu-like symptoms
    • stomach upset
    • extreme thirst or hunger
    • caffeine craving
    • frequent pee


    • anger, irritability
    • shame, guilt
    • anxiety, frustration
    • grief, depression, sadness, crying
    • changes in thought patterns or ideas
    • to fear
    • feeling of emptiness
    • upsetting memories, negative thoughts
    • sleep disturbances, such as insomnia

    According to intuitive coach Crystal Clare, these symptoms indicate that the body releases toxins into the bloodstream and the lymphatic system to free itself of energy blockages. The accumulation of toxins results from previous illnesses, injuries, trauma, poor health habits, and pollutants that have, over time, seeped into the energy system and cellular memory.

    These can differ depending on the patient. For example, when detoxification occurs faster than the patient can adequately handle, the patient may experience discomfort.

    Sometimes the symptoms of the healing crisis feel worse than the symptoms of the disease itself. In some cases, severe symptoms can be traced back to previously diagnosed serious physical illnesses or latent problems, such as suppressed feelings. Patients going through the process of spiritual cleansing may begin to question their long-held beliefs and experience a strong urge to adjust to their worldview.

    These embodied and emotional sensations are brought to the surface so that the entire system can begin the process of healing. Your health will improve, and you will once again know what it’s like to live in peace once you figure out how to deal with them. Enhanced self-awareness is yet another advantageous result of going through this process. After receiving Reiki treatment, the mind, the body, and the spirit can all experience a rebalancing.

    How Long Will the Symptoms Last?

    During a Reiki session, underlying conditions, as well as negative emotions, may be released. However, the unpleasant effects of a healing crisis only last for a short time. In most cases, they vanish on their own or through subsequent sessions.

    When it comes to the vast majority of patients, the toxin release is typically very mild. It also doesn’t take their energy systems more than a brief amount of time to process it, and it happens so subtly that it is virtually undetectable.

    On the other hand, some people experience detox manifestations that are obvious and uncomfortable. It could take a few hours to a few months for them to get out of there independently. In certain circumstances, such as treating serious diseases, more than one healing crisis may be required to achieve complete recovery. But in normal events, the symptoms should vanish within three days. Patients who successfully undergo this procedure emerge healthier and more refreshed.

    The root causes of the symptoms

    Our bodies are home to a significant amount of energy that moves around. Blockages sometimes happen. These blocks are released through metaphysical healing practices such as Reiki, which also realign energy flow within our systems.

    The rapid release of toxins is a side effect of the body’s attempt to rebalance itself. It can be upsetting and uncomfortable and give the impression that the initial symptoms have worsened. The reversal process is the name that metaphysical healers give to this process.

    This has nothing to do with the method used; rather, it is the energy fields moving around in the body responsible for encouraging healing. Most Reiki patients experience a gentle rebalancing of their equilibrium, enabling them to see and feel the benefits of the treatment almost immediately. On the other hand, some patients report having a poor experience.

    People who fall into this category typically have unresolved issues and repressed feelings, are victims of abuse or trauma, or suffer from underlying medical conditions or mental health issues.

    The healing crisis will be severe when there has been a slow accumulation of toxins in the body’s tissues over a long period (possibly several decades). As the healing process moves forward, the body’s various systems collaborate to rid the body of toxic waste products. Unfortunately, this process has the potential to overburden the body, which can contribute to the symptoms described earlier.

    Causes of Post-Treatment Adverse Effects That Are Not Attributable to Reiki

    • Recent shifts in typical ways of eating
    • The incorporation into one’s diet of dietary supplements or other components, including but not limited to vitamins, herbal remedies, and probiotics
    • In the same period as the Reiki series, practitioners of other cleansing or detoxification therapies, such as bioelectric therapy, were at work.
    • Abstinence, diet, and detoxification
    • Therapies can cure various diseases by coercing bacteria, viruses, or yeast to destroy a significant number of cells. This assault has the potential to overwhelm the excretory systems of the body.

    Clarification of the Symptoms

    Toxins will be released during the process of any therapeutic method that involves cleansing (like colonic irrigation, for example). The adverse reactions caused by this are only temporary, typically lasting between one and three days. Rare are those that can endure for a longer period. The symptoms aren’t too severe, and not everyone experiences them. The patient’s response is contingent on the state of their energy systems, the degree to which they are sensitive to energy, and the kind of release they require.

    Aside from the explanation that it’s a healing crisis, another possible interpretation of the worsening of symptoms after therapy is the release of “stuck energy” from unconscious imbalances in the patient’s spiritual, physical, and psychological dimensions. These differ from person to person because everybody’s life is different.

    Irina Nola, a therapist, specializing in past-life regression, says that signs of a miasmatic (underlying ancestral issues) or karmic (behavioral pattern) event include an increase in hunger, a craving for coffee, and a feeling of coldness in the extremities. The shivering and the hunger pangs are symbolic of past trauma or a desire for an outcome that has not been resolved.

    The attunement to Reiki focuses on whatever should be healed almost immediately. A common symptom of its adverse effects is an urge to medicate the discomfort with something soothing to eat or drink. The effects of miasma can be dulled by consuming caffeine and other addictive substances, such as drugs and alcohol. People turn to them to repress painful memories of the past, such as those associated with a debilitating illness or a traumatic experience in their minds. Unfortunately, these substances impede the body’s natural ability to heal.

    If you feel tired after receiving Reiki, it could be a sign that your adrenal glands are overworked. Exhaustion is your body’s method of communicating that you need to slow down and practice self-care.

    If, on the other hand, you suddenly feel more energized after receiving Reiki treatment, this is because your energy had become stuck before the treatment. Utilize this uptick in vigor to your advantage by engaging in novel experiences or pursuing creative endeavors.

    What Can Be Done to Make the Situation Slightly Better

    • Stay away from alcoholic beverages, caffeine, and foods that are high in both salt and sugar.
    • Consume up to four liters of distilled water daily to hasten the cleansing process, facilitate the release of toxins, and maintain your energy vibration.
    • The body’s ability to restore its equilibrium and heal itself is aided by rest.
    • Stretching exercises, yoga, or tai chi are great options if you’re feeling unsteady on your feet.
    • Try some different visualization techniques if you are easily startled.
    • You will become aware of the areas of your body that store stress and emotions as the healing crisis progresses. Check your body out before bedtime for any areas that feel particularly heavy. This method of grounding creates a connection between the body and the spirit.
    • Find out what uncomfortable issues are bothering you by doing some introspection and getting to the bottom of them. Consult your spiritual advisor or mental health professional for direction.
    • Taking magnesium supplements or getting a massage with essential oils can help ease the pain of joint or muscle spasms.
    • You might find that writing in a journal, hanging out with friends, letting out some pent-up emotions through crying, or engaging in talk therapy helps ease the emotional or mental disturbances.
    • Imagine only the best. Spend time with cheerful individuals.
    • Read books that will inspire you.
    • To draw the life force back into your soul, the practices of meditation, chanting, and targeted breathing should be practiced.
    • If you have a busy lifestyle, schedule some time for yourself.
    • If the severity of your symptoms increases, your detoxification regimen should be slowed down to give your body time to catch up.
    • Acknowledge any negative feelings and thoughts from the past, and cast aside any limiting beliefs you may have held without getting caught up in them. Then, let go of those things.
    • If the methods described above do not prove effective, you might want to try another treatment or get some counseling. For example, Karmic Regression Therapy or Karmic Reiki is recommended by Martyn Pentecost, a developer of therapeutic and self-help modalities. These therapies delve deeper into the metaphysical healing process than traditional forms of Reiki.

    Changing One’s Point of View

    Reiki is not just for energy healing. In addition, it is an effective method for maintaining contact with one’s innermost being. It opens your eyes to the imbalances that exist within you. It maintains its efficacy for a significant amount of time after a session has come to an end.

    The symptoms of a healing crisis are quite common. Concern about them should not be warranted among patients. The healing reactions are helpful, even though they do not feel like it at the time. They are the inevitable consequence of introducing reiki energy into the energy system. The manifestation of these symptoms is nature’s method of cleansing the mind, body, and spirit in preparation for higher levels of consciousness.

    Rather than viewing the adverse reactions as symptoms of the disease, we should look at them as signs that the body is progressing toward healing.

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