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Can reiki work through a screen?


    Reiki is an energy technique where a Reiki practitioner or master uses the gentle touch of their hands on the recipients body to promote healing and restore balance.

    The individual undergoing this treatment receives the energies of the universe channeled by a trained practitioner who has learned to harness and direct this energy.

    In the stage of Reiki training the primary focus is on hands on healing. This traditional method involves physical contact between the practitioner and the recipient.

    However as one progresses to the level, known as the second level of Reiki teachings from Master Mikao Usui introduce a fascinating technique for performing Reiki from a distance. This remote method is equally valid. Can be just as effective, if not more so than in person Reiki.

    To attain the title of Reiki Master one must not only learn and practice this Distance Reiki technique but also complete two additional levels of training. These advanced levels equip individuals with the knowledge and skills to teach others how to administer Reiki.

    Whether it is a face, to face session or a distance session both approaches create outcomes and provide significant benefits to those who experience them.In person Reiki sessions focus on harmonizing the aura and chakras just as they aid in restoring energy balance. They assist individuals in alleviating energy blockages and imbalances at levels.

    Distance healing becomes necessary when someone cannot physically travel due to illness or prefers to receive therapy directly from a practitioner or teacher within the comfort of their own home.

    It’s evident in any energy based therapy that energy transcends the constraints of time, space or location and can be effortlessly transmitted when we possess the technique.

    Thanks to one of the symbols associated with distance healing we can work with a persons energy field regardless of their location. This means that an initiation can be conducted remotely whether the person is nearby or situated on the side of the globe.

    Participating in Reiki training goes beyond attending a class and considering it complete. It involves liberating ourselves from all disturbances such as hatred, anger, fears, attachments, etc. This liberation creates space, for serenity and joy to manifest in our lives.This is what it truly means to embark on a journey towards happiness and inner peace. As we engage with individuals in search of answers to their challenges we must acknowledge that we also possess the power to support and guide others along the way. However this responsibility should not be taken lightly as we’ll be assisting individuals who are actively seeking answers to their struggles.

    One valuable aspect is learning from students experiences. By engaging with people in real time we can directly practice and interact. Additionally the Teacher will always be available to address any questions you may have. These opportunities are often present in face to face courses.

    However there may be instances where a remote initiation is necessary. For example if the person seeking initiation resides in a location where physically reaching a teacher’s practically impossible (like an African village or remote regions) or if they are incarcerated or unable to attend classes due to physical limitations. In cases I am unable to travel to their location. Nevertheless it’s worth noting that in todays era, where teachers are readily accessible, across various regions it remains beneficial to visit a center where you can connect with and receive compassionate care from fellow individuals who have chosen to embrace the path of Reiki.

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