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Can someone be hypnotized against their will?


    The question is: Can someone be hypnotized against their will?

    No, someone can not be hypnotized against their will. However, if they come across someone who knows about manipulative psychology or they listen to malicious subliminals, then that person may be at risk of acting at their own expense.

    How Can Someone Be Hypnotized Against Their Will?

    To be hypnotized in the classic sense, you need to have your full concentration focused on following the hypnotist’s voice and envisioning whatever it is that he instructs you to picture. If you do not do this, you will not be able to be hypnotized. Likewise, you will not be hypnotized if you intend to ” be difficult ” and oppose hypnosis for any reason, including reasons linked to your ego or any other issue.

    On the other hand, if you do not want to be hypnotized, you should stay away from hypnotists and their offices.

    The answer to the issue of whether the actions of other people may affect you and how you behave, even if you are unaware of that impact, is “yes.” Neuro-linguistic programming, sometimes known as NLP, involves the application of psychological ideas. This only accounts for a somewhat insignificant part of the overall impact. Not even close to the idea of “control.”

    I have the power to get someone else to scratch their nose without them realizing that I was the one who suggested it. However, I can’t coerce them into killing someone on my behalf.


    Using some of these suggestions during my job interview helped me be hired for the position I am now holding.

    My only professional experience was going door to door selling Kirby vacuum cleaners, which lasted for a cumulative total of five months. I made around $1,400 per month on average, which nobody considered particularly outstanding at the time. I applied to a Hyundai dealer. After the event, I discovered that the manager had not hired anybody with no experience in the automobile sales field in over 10 years. I was surprised to discover this information.

    I wasn’t able to drive since I didn’t have a license. You might make the case that the odds were somewhat in my rival’s favor.

    When I was working with NLP, the method that I relied on the most was called mirroring. Avoid mimicking other people because you will get caught, and it is a highly frustrating experience when you do. So instead, I made an effort to imitate his overall body position, his vocal tone (which remained natural but was altered somewhat), his “pace” or the speed at which he spoke, and really, most importantly, just his level of energy.

    After that, I quickly read him and discovered that he is not only very intelligent (which is fantastic, it is a common myth that weak minds are easier to influence), but he is also extremely ambitious and very busy. He is the sort of guy that constantly seems to be highly busy and gives off the impression that they have an endless supply of energy.. (even if he is, in fact viewing movies on YouTube and playing solitaire).

    It dawned on me almost instantly that he would probably hire someone with a history somewhat dissimilar to his own, so I began to speculate on who that person could be. (Not all personality types like spending time with or want to work with someone with their personality type.) He never once made it seem like he needed the assistance of any kind. Instead, he would spend considerable time during an interview to ensure that the job suited him and that he was a good fit for it.

    During the time that we were doing the interview, a large number of individuals entered the room, and he was required to answer calls… I was aware that I didn’t have much time, so I decided to match his energy level and spend the whole interview asking questions.

    I was interested in the compensation plan, the traffic, how many automobiles, the men he presently had sold, how much they earned, how much the top person sold and made, etc., so I asked him some questions about those subjects. He answered my questions about the compensation plan, the traffic, how many automobiles, on average, the men he presently had sold, and how much they earned.

    Because he was so busy, he could not grill me with many questions because he just did not have the time. This is amazing, given that, as I’ve previously said, I didn’t have much. Which is wonderful, considering that. I’m sure he asked me how I go about making sales or anything along those lines.

    As a result, I was standing in the same position as he would have had I been in his shoes. Therefore, rather than attempting to persuade him that I am capable of the role, I will be checking to see that I have the essential credentials for the job.

    In addition, he carried out many interviews with a wide range of distinct individuals, each of whom had a greater number of years of experience in sales. But, on the other hand, the next day was when I started with everything.

    After working here for two years, I can say that I have consistently placed first through third as a salesperson, and just a few months ago, I was given the position of online manager. As can be seen, the hit was not very severe, and there is no way it caused anybody any harm.

    But there was no way I could have forced him to act in a manner that would have placed him or another person at risk. I just could not do so.

    It comes easy to those with high social intelligence, and it is one of the reasons they are successful socially. This is one of the reasons why they have high social intelligence.

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