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Can someone be hypnotized against their will?


    The question is: Can someone be hypnotized against their will?

    No, someone can not be hypnotized against their will. However, if they come across someone who knows about manipulative psychology or they listen to malicious subliminals, then that person may be at risk of acting at their own expense.

    How Can Someone Be Hypnotized Against Their Will?

    To experience the form of being hypnotized it is necessary to fully concentrate on following the hypnotists voice and actively imagine whatever they ask you to visualize. Without this level of engagement achieving hypnosis becomes unlikely. Similarly if you purposefully resist hypnosis for any reason including concerns related to your ego or other personal factors you will not be hypnotized.

    Conversely if you have no desire to be hypnotized it’s best to avoid hypnotists and their offices

    Regarding the question of whether peoples actions can influence your behavior without your awareness the answer is affirmative. Neuro linguistic programming (NLP) which explores principles plays a role in this aspect. However it only accounts for an insignificant portion of overall influence. It falls short of the notion of absolute control.

    I possess the ability to subtly suggest someone scratching their nose without them realizing that I planted the idea. However coercing someone into committing an act on my behalf is, beyond my capabilities.

    Incorporating some of these ideas during my job interview greatly contributed to securing the position I currently hold.During my career I engaged in a door to door sales job where I sold Kirby vacuum cleaners. This experience lasted for a total of five months. On average I earned around $1,400 per month which was considered average at the time. Subsequently I applied to work at a Hyundai dealership. Surprisingly discovered that the manager had not hired anyone without prior experience in the automotive sales industry for over a decade.

    It’s worth mentioning that I didn’t possess a drivers license, which somewhat put the odds against me in comparison to my competitors.

    In my work, with NLP (Natural Language Processing) I heavily relied on a technique called mirroring. However it’s important to note that it’s not advisable to mimic others as it can easily be detected and lead to frustration. Instead I focused on adopting a body posture adjusting my vocal tone slightly while keeping it natural matching his speaking pace and most importantly trying to replicate his energy level.Afterward I quickly assessed him. Realized that he possesses not only great intelligence (which is truly impressive since theres a common misconception that easily influenced minds lack it) but also an extraordinary level of ambition and a packed schedule. He’s the type of person who always appears engrossed in their tasks exuding a reservoir of energy (even if he occasionally indulges in YouTube movies and solitaire).

    It struck me instantaneously that he would likely seek to hire someone with a contrasting background to his own. Thus I began speculating about the candidate. (Not all personality types enjoy spending time or working alongside individuals who mirror their disposition.) Surprisingly he never indicated any need, for assistance. Instead he dedicated time during the interview to ensure that the job suited him and that he was a compatible fit.

    While we were mid interview numerous individuals entered the room demanding his attention through phone calls… Realizing my time I decided to match his energetic vibe and spent the entire interview curiously asking questions.I found the compensation plan quite intriguing. Was curious about the level of traffic the number of automobiles sold the sales performance of his team members their earnings and the achievements of the top performer. I raised these topics during our discussion. He graciously provided insights regarding the compensation plan, traffic statistics average number of automobiles sold by his team members and their earnings.

    Considering his schedule he couldn’t delve into extensive questioning due to time constraints. This is impressive considering my background as I didn’t expect him to have much time for me. I suppose he might have asked about my sales approach or something similar.

    Consequently our positions were somewhat reversed. Of trying to convince him of my suitability for the role I will focus on ensuring that I possess the necessary qualifications, for the job.

    Furthermore he conducted interviews with a diverse group of individuals each having extensive sales experience accumulated over many years.However on the side the following day marked the commencement of my involvement in everything.

    Having dedicated two years to this job I can confidently affirm that I consistently ranked among the three salespeople. Moreover a few months ago I earned the esteemed position of online manager. As evident from the circumstances the impact was relatively mild. It is highly unlikely that it caused any harm to anyone.

    Nonetheless there existed no way for me to coerce him into behaving in a manner that would jeopardize his well being or that of others. I simply lacked the capability to do so.

    Individuals with social intelligence find it effortless and naturally excel in socially oriented situations. This quality significantly contributes to their success, in social interactions. Consequently it stands as one of the factors underlying their high level of social intelligence.

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