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Can subliminals backfire and harm you?

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The question is: Can subliminals backfire and harm you?

Subliminals will NOT backfire and harm you when used responsibly and intelligently. The only reason subliminals backfire is when you and the subliminal are not aligned to the same goal; you will consciously contradict the desired outcome. Subliminals that harm you are those that are poorly engineered or created with bad intent. Generally speaking, you always want to drink water or take breaks to prevent dehydration and headaches when listening to subliminals.


Can Subliminals Harm You?

Some believe that listening to subliminal messages could make you sick, in contrast to those who are firm believers in the ability of these messages to assist individuals in achieving their goals and ambitions. So the question now is, what is the truth?

Even though it is extremely unlikely for anyone to become ill from anything they hear, let’s discuss the possibility that listening to subliminal messages could make you sick and go over some ways to avoid getting sick in the first place.

There is no doubt that messages conveyed subliminally have the potential to be quite effective. After all, they are designed to bypass your conscious mind entirely in favor of communicating solely with your subconscious mind. This could be helpful to you if you are working to change a negative thought pattern or pattern of behavior that you have developed. But, on the other hand, if you are not cautious, it could very well work against you in the future.

Take, for example, the situation in which you are attempting to lower the percentage of body fat that you have. You might want to think about using a subliminal program that prompts you daily to eat healthily and get some exercise.

This is fantastic, but if you don’t exercise caution, the program might encourage you to engage in unhealthy activity levels or eat foods that aren’t good for you. In this scenario, the subliminal messages would work against you rather than support your efforts.

The same could happen if you try to eliminate a phobia or anxiety disorder. If you aren’t careful, the subliminal messages you hear may worsen your fear or anxiety rather than assist you in overcoming it. This is the case even if the messages are intended to do the opposite.

The subliminals we offer are engineered with these possibilities in mind. We’ve already ensured to include every failsafe possible to prevent any subliminal suggestion from causing harm of any kind to a user. Safety is guaranteed.

Therefore, the question that needs to be answered is: how can you avoid this?

How to Prevent Subliminal Backfire

First, begin by selecting a product that caters to your goal. For example, if you want to lose weight, enhance a personality trait, or overcome a fear, look for subliminals that serve that purpose.

Second, make a routine that gives you time to listen to the subliminal messages. The most effective subliminals will work whether you are asleep, listening with your headphones during activities, or even at a low 5% volume when reading a book or engaging in a remote business meeting.

You may not notice the subtle changes to your behaviors at first, but you will inevitably experience the positive outcomes of those changes. However, if your subliminal program was poorly made, you may notice your systems or circumstance worsening instead of getting better. If that’s the case, stop listening to the audio.

Keep in mind that subliminal influence is a process. Don’t be quick to make any judgments before the end of your first week. Be consistent and give yourself enough time for the effect of your changes to accumulate. The last thing you want to do is stop digging before you strike gold.

Subliminals are a type of communication that is delivered to the subconscious mind of a person in such a way that the individual is unaware that they are receiving the message. This may be performed by employing various methods, such as the infiltration of messages into musical compositions or other audio recordings or through the utilization of one-of-a-kind frequencies.

Even though there is no evidence from scientific studies to support the assumption that subliminals may cause people to feel ill, some individuals still think they can.


Why Subliminals Can Make You Feel Sick

Here are a few reasons why subliminals may make you feel sick or bad:

(1) Untested Subliminal Material. The suggestions embedded in the audio program didn’t consider any contradictions in the material. This usually happens when the creators don’t have a robust conception of underlying principles or a strong meta-understanding. Sometimes the material contradicts itself and causes the user to feel deeply disturbed, inner turmoil, uncanny discomfort, and other deeply negative emotions. This is because your mind can’t make sense of things, and the subconscious messages it’s receiving produce something reminiscent of an existential crisis.

(2) Bad Subliminal Messages. This is when a subliminal audio program is made with silent affirmations that aren’t as advertised. It’s not considered untested subliminal material because this issue was done intentionally. This happens when the creator is intentionally trying to harm the user. The symptoms include headache, nausea, dizziness, etc. In other cases, it’s used to exacerbate negative feelings the user may already be experiencing, such as anxiety or depression.

Be careful listening to “religious” subliminals that claim their program will help “cleanse you of evil.” Many of these victimized users will begin to salivate uncontrollably and are instructed to “spit the evil spirits out.” This is the body trying to find a way to remove the bad inputs it’s receiving via the mind. Many victims will begin to trust questionable groups after experiencing this; cult recruitment.

(3) Dehydration. The mind receives a lot of input from quality subliminals, and we suspect that “vibrationally” affects the water in the human body. We say “suspect” because there’s no study directly backing this; however, we believe it has something to do with this. Regardless, dry mouth isn’t uncommon when listening to subliminals. Make sure you drink water and keep hydrated.

(4) Subliminal Is At Work. Although this is rarely the case, sometimes what you consider a negative effect is actually the subliminal working properly. For example, you may confuse excitement for anxiety, or you feel an inner calling to do something you’d typically avoid or ignore, or you have less of an appetite on a weight loss subliminal. This takes some discernment and sometimes exploration.

Can Subliminals Make You Feel Better?

Yes, it’s possible for subliminals to make you feel better.

For example, our Health Subliminal encourages users to exercise more, eat healthier, and make recovery a priority. This involves shifting the user’s behavior to seek healthy ways to relieve stress, take extra care of themselves when sick, and have a deeper sleep.

Although the subliminal does have inherent mood-boosting material, it goes a step further by having the user develop behaviors that cultivate a healthier lifestyle.

Subliminals are also highly effective therapeutic tools for healing because of the strength of the mind-body connection. If you trust that you will get well, then you can expect your physical health to improve with that faith.

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