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Can subliminals make your lips bigger?


    The question is: Can subliminals make your lips bigger?

    Yes, subliminals can make your lips appear bigger. The difference between high-quality subliminals and fake subliminals is that we won’t promise you non-sensical transformations. Instead, our high-quality subliminals will be more realistic and influence you to make subtle changes and habits that will make your lips look more plump.

    How Can Subliminals Make Your Lips Bigger

    Most subliminals that claim to make your lips bigger are fake and take advantage of the user’s desire to get bigger lips.

    This is why people who share images of the lips pre- and post-subliminal will always look extremely similar in consistent lighting. But people will clamor when the lighting is clearly off and give the illusion that a low-quality subliminal worked.

    The only way subliminals can actually make your lips appear bigger is by influencing your behavior and attitudes in a way that result in more luscious lips.

    This means that a high-quality subliminal is much more likely to do the following:

    • Take better care of your lips
    • Subtly change your makeup application to accentuate your lips
    • Unconsciously change your facial gestures to emphasize lips
    • Unintentionally angle your face in flattering positions in front of others
    • Increase flirty behavior to get the other person excited for a kiss
    • Make user “see” their lips get bigger

    The truth is that the habits you form above will help make your lips a bit bigger. However, it won’t be noticeable at all times.

    Instead, you will believe that your lips have gotten bigger and you will put your best face forward (thanks to a quality attraction subliminal).

    However, you will have people noticing that you’ve “done something different” and give you compliments.


    Assuming that you want your lips to be more plump for beauty reasons—understand that beauty is goes further than skin deep.

    When you get a “lip enhancement” subliminal, you are listening out of insecurity. This is not helpful to the mind and it reveals your desperation if you end up showing people pre- and post- pictures without any changes.

    Instead, you’re better off getting an attraction subliminal that includes lip glamour. This is because you will get much better responses and social evidence that you are giving off positive, open, and attractive energy.

    If you’re simply wanting bigger lips, you’re going to experience that regardless because of how the mind works. Whether or not that’s real is a different matter.

    But if you use a subliminal for attraction, not only will you see yourself with bigger lips, but you’ll gain the confidence from external validation that will help you overcome any insecurities you have about your lips.

    Because you’re not defined by one facial characteristic. You’re a whole package.

    Sometimes it takes a different approach to your “problem” to make you realize that.

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