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Does hypnosis work to quit smoking?


    The question is: Does hypnosis work to quit smoking?

    Yes, hypnosis and subliminals can help you quit smoking. However, you must genuinely want to quit and you must make sure you are getting a quality service/product.

    How Does Hypnosis Work To Quit Smoking

    It should come as no surprise that so many individuals are interested in giving up smoking. According to a study of data conducted in 2019 by Trusted Source, it is the leading avoidable cause of sickness and death around the globe.

    Quitting may benefit your health, but it is a very difficult habit for many individuals to break. There is a wide variety of approaches and products available for stopping smoking. The practice of hypnosis receives a significant amount of attention.

    Some individuals attribute their ability to stop smoking to hypnosis assistance. However, various studies have produced contrasting findings, and it is abundantly evident that further study is required.

    It is possible that hypnosis, in conjunction with other smoking cessation methods, might assist some individuals in kicking the smoking habit.

    Continue reading to discover more about the benefits of hypnosis for stopping smoking, how to choose a certified practitioner and other helpful hints for quitting smoking.

    Talk to a medical professional about your desire to quit smoking before using this or any other approach. They will be able to assist you in developing an effective smoking withdrawal strategy.

    It’s possible that quitting smoking for good will need more than just the aid of hypnosis. But it may help:

    • lessen your urge to smoke
    • bolster your motivation to stop smoking and assist you in maintaining a clear focus on your smoking cessation strategy
    • It’s possible that hypnosis can assist in reinforcing the other steps you’re doing to stop smoking.

    When hypnosis is coupled with other therapies, the overall efficacy of such treatments may be improved, according to a study review that summarized recent developments in hypnosis research published in 2017 (Trusted Source).

    The study referenced before said that there is some evidence to suggest that hypnotherapy may be beneficial for treating a range of diseases, one of which is smoking.

    A randomized clinical experiment that took place in 2008 came to the conclusion that hypnosis combined with nicotine patches performed just as well as conventional behavioral therapy when it came to quitting smoking for good.

    Nevertheless, a research synthesis in 2019

    A reliable source reported that hypnotists may overestimate their success rates when it comes to hypnosis and quitting smoking.

    Results favorable in trials that are not controlled may not be indicative of long-term success.

    There is not enough information to determine whether or not hypnotherapy is more successful than other forms of counseling or stopping smoking on your own.

    Is there any danger involved with using hypnosis to quit smoking?

    There is no evidence to suggest that hypnotherapy has any negative side effects or is hazardous. However, if you put all your hopes into it, you risk being let down.

    If you want to stop smoking and are interested in hypnotherapy, consider incorporating it into a larger action plan if you want to be successful. Consult a medical professional if you need assistance in kicking the habit of smoking.


    During your initial appointment, you will discuss your smoking behaviors and motivation to quit smoking. Also available for discussion should be what approaches you’ve attempted up to this point and which ones, in addition to hypnosis, you want to continue to work on.

    It is important to question prospective therapists about their approach to hypnotherapy since the techniques used by different practitioners might differ somewhat.

    Sessions might last anywhere between sixty and ninety minutes. How well you react to hypnosis and how much reinforcement you believe both play a role in determining how many sessions you will need.

    Your hypnotherapist will utilize verbal cues and mental images to help you into a peaceful and meditative state in preparation for the hypnosis session. Once you’ve reached this altered level of consciousness, you’ll begin to get recommendations such as the following:

    • Tobacco use is carcinogenic.
    • Smoking is uncomfortable
    • You don’t feel good when you smoke
    • You need to take precautions to safeguard your body from the smoke.
    • You should take control of your smoking rather than allowing smoking to take control of you.
    • As a nonsmoker, you’ll be able to take advantage of a wide range of benefits.
    • Prompts to engage in less harmful activities as a substitute for smoking when the impulse to do so arises

    This exercise aims to bring these ideas to mind whenever you experience the temptation to smoke. Keep in mind that you won’t be in the dark about everything that’s going on. During the session or later, you will not find that you have lost control over your conduct.

    To help you retain the information that has been presented to you, the therapist may also:

    • Provide you access to audio or video recordings that you can use at home
    • Teach you the fundamentals of self-hypnosis
    • Recommend applications that you can use on your own

    According to a study review published in 2019, using self-hypnosis to stop smoking is connected with an abstinence rate of between 20 and 35 percent after six months.

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