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Does hypnosis work to quit smoking?


    The question is: Does hypnosis work to quit smoking?

    Yes, hypnosis and subliminals can help you quit smoking. However, you must genuinely want to quit and you must make sure you are getting a quality service/product.

    How Does Hypnosis Work To Quit Smoking

    It should come as no surprise that many people’re interested in quitting smoking. According to a study conducted in 2019 by Trusted Source smoking is recognized as the leading cause of illness and mortality worldwide.

    While quitting smoking can greatly benefit your health breaking the habit is undoubtedly challenging for individuals. Fortunately there is a range of approaches and products available to help individuals quit smoking. One method that has garnered attention is hypnosis.

    Some people attribute their success in quitting smoking to the assistance of hypnosis. However various studies have produced results highlighting the need for further research.

    It is plausible that hypnosis, when used in conjunction with smoking cessation methods may aid some individuals in overcoming their smoking addiction.

    To learn more about the advantages of hypnosis in quitting smoking selecting a certified practitioner and other useful tips for quitting keep reading.

    Before attempting any approach, including hypnosis it’s important to consult with a healthcare about your desire to quit smoking. They can provide guidance in developing a strategy to overcome nicotine addiction.

    Remember that successfully quitting smoking may require more, than relying on hypnosis alone.It is possible that hypnosis can be helpful in reducing your desire to smoke and strengthening your motivation to quit smoking. It may also aid in maintaining focus on your smoking cessation strategy. According to a study review published in 2017 combining hypnosis with therapies might enhance the overall effectiveness of these treatments.

    The aforementioned study indicated that hypnotherapy has shown potential in treating conditions, including smoking. In a clinical experiment conducted in 2008 it was found that the combination of hypnosis and nicotine patches was as effective as conventional behavioral therapy in achieving long term smoking cessation.

    However a research synthesis in 2019 revealed that hypnotists may overestimate the success rates of hypnosis when it comes to quitting smoking. Results obtained from controlled trials may not accurately indicate long term success.

    Furthermore there is information available to determine whether hypnotherapy is more effective than other forms of counseling or attempting to quit smoking independently.

    As for the dangers associated with using hypnosis, for smoking cessation it is advisable to consult with a qualified professional who can provide accurate guidance and address any concerns you may have.There is no evidence to suggest that hypnotherapy has any side effects or is hazardous. However it’s important to be aware that while hypnotherapy can be beneficial solely relying on it may lead to disappointment.

    If you are considering hypnotherapy as a means to quit smoking it’s advisable to incorporate it as part of an action plan for better chances of success. Consulting with a professional can provide additional guidance and support in overcoming the habit.

    When you have your appointment you will have the opportunity to discuss your smoking habits and motivations for quitting. You can also share the approaches you have tried far including any other methods apart from hypnosis that you wish to continue exploring.

    It’s essential to inquire about the techniques employed by different hypnotherapists since their approaches may vary slightly from one another.

    The duration of each session can range from sixty, to ninety minutes. The number of sessions required depends on how you respond to hypnosis and the level of reinforcement you believe in.

    During the hypnosis session your hypnotherapist will use cues and mental imagery to help induce a state of relaxation and meditation. This preparatory phase aims to facilitate the hypnosis process.Once you’ve reached this state of awareness you’ll start receiving recommendations like the ones below:

    Tobacco usage has been linked to causing cancer.
    Smoking can be unpleasant.
    Smoking doesn’t make you feel good.
    It’s important to take precautions to protect your body from the effects of smoke.
    You should take control of your smoking habits than letting smoking control you.
    As a nonsmoker you’ll enjoy a range of benefits.
    You may be prompted to engage in harmful activities as alternatives to smoking when the urge arises.
    The purpose of this exercise is to bring these thoughts to mind whenever you feel tempted to smoke. It’s important to remember that you won’t be left in the dark about whats happening. During or after the session you won’t feel like you’re losing control over your behavior.

    To help you retain the information provided the therapist might also:

    Offer access to audio or video recordings for use at home.
    Teach you the basics of self hypnosis.
    Suggest applications that you can utilize independently.

    According to a study review published in 2019 self hypnosis has been associated with a success rate of 20 35%, in achieving abstinence from smoking after six months.

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