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Do chakra stones actually work?


    A reader asks: “Do chakra stones actually work?”

    Yes, chakra stones work in the sense that they can rely on faith. For many, receiving peace, harmony, etc., can be easier to attain by believing it can be attained through a third party (in this case, chakra stones) instead of directly from oneself. It’s a way to trick someone into utilizing their own inner resources.

    According to modern science. It has been discovered that crystals do not possess any mystical powers or qualities that can aid in healing or improve ones’ physical, mental, or spiritual health.

    Instead it is more probable that individuals are influenced by the power of suggestion or the placebo effect when they claim to feel energies or vibrations emanating from crystals. In light of this. Research conducted by expert Lisa R. Yanek from Johns Hopkins indicates that having a positive outlook significantly reduces the likelihood of developing a disease. As an example.

    Individuals with a family history of heart disease who also maintain a positive mindset were found to be one third less likely to experience a heart attack or other cardiovascular event within a span of five to 25 years.

    In contrast.

    This research also revealed that those with a more pessimistic outlook had an increased risk of suffering from heart related problems. Other studies have explored how positive attitudes can impact various conditions such as brain tumors, traumatic brain injuries, and strokes and have consistently shown improved outcomes and increased satisfaction with life. Therefore it is possible that the supposed power of crystals may be interconnected with the power of positive thought and the belief that things can manifest through belief alone. On another note. There are studies suggesting that while crystals may not possess extraordinary powers in terms of healing properties. They do exhibit more common yet useful traits when used appropriately in natural settings. For instance. Certain crystals have been found to purify water or conduct energy effectively. It is important to note though. That within the scientific community there is consensus that crystals cannot cure or regenerate and have no direct influence on the mind, body, or soul. However faith itself can hold significant power. What are your thoughts on this matter?

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