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Do dogs have healing energy?


    This post answers the question: “Do dogs have healing energy?”

    How Do Dogs Have Healing Energy

    Dogs perceive far more than humans can. Because of this they are able to see things that we can’t and engage with their surroundings in ways we neither know or understand.

    Because of this, it makes sense that they have access to things outside of our own perceptions. In this case, they are able to detect and sense energies we aren’t even aware of.

    3 Ways Dogs Spread Good Energy

    Dogs give unconditional love to their owners. Most people do not experience unconditional love in their lifetimes. Instead most people are met with harsh judgments by others and themselves. Dogs, on the other hand, are absolutely accepting of their owners. They see you as their friend and loved one and treat you no less.

    Dogs can help you relieve stress. Aside from taking your dog out for you both to have exercise, it’s been shown that petting a dog can help lower your heart rate and help soothe your emotional and mental state.

    Dogs are present and personable. Each dog has its own personality and freely puts it on display. When they see you, they see you for the moment and aren’t weighed down by pressures or social expectations. This is why every time you reunite with your dog they are ecstatic to have you back in their life.

    Why Dogs Have Healing Energy For You

    Here is another perspective for looking at the flow of energy between living beings.

    Most dogs are excited to see you return home. They wag their tails and they are excited to see you haven’t fallen off the face of the Earth.

    It’s during these excitable moments that your dog is a bountiful reservoir of energy.

    Your dog approaches you because not only does it want to feed you energy with its attention and affection, but it also wants you to take this excess energy away from it by giving it physical touch in the form of pets and belly rubs.

    Let’s put it this way—

    When you were a kid, your parent(s) would return from a long day of work. One thing they might ask you for is a kiss, a hug, or “how was your day?”

    If you remember being a kid, then you probably remember how annoying this was. The reason it was annoying is that you instinctively knew that the adult was trying to sap your energy from you—

    Everyone instinctively tries to sap energy from others when they feel energy deprived. However, not everyone is aware of this.


    Can You Treat Your Dog With Energetic Healing?

    First, understand that energy treatments (such as reiki, Ayurveda, etc.) are not substitutes for qualified veterinary healthcare.

    Instead, energetic healing is best used to compliment primary treatments such as medications, osteopathy, surgical procedures, and so on.

    If your dog is experiencing any kind of health issue, whether it be physical or emotional pain, taking him to the vet as soon as possible is absolutely necessary. They will determine the source of the issue and provide a solution in the form of a treatment plan that is tailored to the specific condition.

    Despite this, there are occasions when the treatments suggested by veterinarians are not sufficient to alleviate the animal’s suffering and bring about a complete recovery.

    Your dog may develop more physical or behavioral issues after experiencing an emotional shock, undergoing surgery, or receiving intensive treatment. Sometimes it can be difficult for humans to recognize that their dog is experiencing additional pain.

    And even if the dog’s pain is recognized, there is no guarantee that there is a way to alleviate it by traditional medicinal means. This is where energetic healing practices can come into play. There is a wide range of potential energy treatments that are also risk-free for the animal.

    Example of Energy Healing in Practice

    The following is an example of reiki energy healing. The target receiving the healing energy can be either human, animal, or other.

    The Practitioner channels energy to their hands and then makes physical contact with the individual receiving treatment. Sometimes the practitioner will not make contact and instead will hover their hands over the individual instead. This universal energy stimulates, transfers, and/or helps circulate the energy in the patient’s body.

    What Does An Energy Practioner Do To Heal Dogs?

    The person who practices energy care will work on the chakras of the animal. The objective is to operate an energy rebalancing to allow the body to regain its initial vital force.

    The advantage of energy treatments is that they are painless for the animal. The person, in most cases, does not touch your dog.

    Energy simply flows from one body to another.

    Non-intrusive, the care is painless and has the value of respecting the animal and acting in its interest.

    Benefits of Energy Healing on Dogs

    • Relieve physical or mental pain,
    • Accelerate healing after an operation, illness, or injury,
    • Stimulate the immune system,
    • Reduce emotional disturbances,
    • Soothe your mind for more serenity,
    • Reduce aggression or stress and anxiety,
    • Relieve the side effects of medications or treatments,
    • Help calm a fearful animal,
    • Accompany him at the end of his life.
    • Etc.

    In general, animals are rather receptive to energy healing. This is because they can already feel things we don’t even feel.

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