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Do reiki masters believe in god?


    In the passage of Mark 9:40 it is stated that anyone who is not against us is on our side. This implies that individuals who do not oppose a cause or belief align themselves with it.

    Matthew 12:27 presents a question asking the opponents of Jesus “If I cast out demons by Beelzebub by whom do your disciples cast them out?” The question suggests that if Jesus is performing exorcisms through a force it raises doubts about the legitimacy of the opponents followers who allegedly perform similar acts.

    The term “Reiki” originates from the words “Rei” and “Ki.” It combines “Rei,” meaning universal or essence and “Ki ” referring to energy. Reiki is a therapy developed by Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist with the intention of restoring spiritual and psychophysical well being. In this practice a therapist lays their hands on the patient to assist them in accessing divine energy. By doing stress is reduced and the body and minds innate healing process is accelerated. It’s important to note that Reiki originated in Japan.

    During Christs healings faith was considered an essential requirement. It was believed that without faith these healing miracles would not occur. Similarly in Reiki the patient establishes a connection with Gods life giving and curative energy through the therapist acting as a medium. The patient plays a role, in making this connection and receiving the healing energy.

    In rewriting these passages to appear human like it is important to simplify language where possible avoid excessive use of technical or religious terminology and ensure sentence structure and length vary naturally. Additionally incorporating perspectives or experiences related to the topic can enhance the human touch in the text.The belief in something greater serves as the driving force behind the power that emanates from a divine source as exemplified in the story of the woman who was healed from her hemorrhages by merely touching the edge of Jesus garment. Surprisingly Jesus did not object to her actions showcasing the significance of faith in instances. (Luke 8:43 48)

    Contemporary perspectives on reality no longer rely on Newtons physics as its fundamental basis; instead the principles of relativity and quantum physics form the bedrock of present day understanding. Nevertheless many Christian scholars and theologians still adhere to physics, which partly explains their skepticism towards embracing Reiki as a holistic method for physical and psychological healing.

    The enigma surrounding the miracles and healings performed by Jesus including His resurrection and its implications for our own poses challenges when viewed through the lens of faith within the confines of Newtons physics. Within this framework reality is governed by fixed and immutable laws. However these perplexing phenomena find plausible explanations if we explore them through the prism of relativity theory quantum physics and the Heisenberg principle. It is, within these paradigms that we no longer speak of natures laws but rather statistical probabilities introducing an element of uncertainty and unpredictability.To provide an explanation for these mysteries we can turn to principles such as relativity, quantum physics and the Heisenberg principle. According to Einstein, energy and matter have the ability to transform into one another displaying interchangeability. Energy can manifest matter and matter can manifest as energy.

    The dualistic perspective known as the mentality recognizes the existence of positive and negative aspects within creation. It suggests that God governs all that’s good while the devil presides over what is considered bad. However this perspective overlooks the fact that everything was created by God out of nothingness and with our well being in mind. Any supernatural force is merely a manifestation of Gods power or goodness in nature. Long as these forces do not openly oppose us we may consider them favorably even if they are associated with followers of Christ from diverse backgrounds (John 10:16) (Mark 9:40).

    It is worth noting that some individuals link Reiki to the New Age movement leading them to condemn it due, to this association.Because the New Age encompasses a blend of religious influences it is crucial not to solely attribute a negative connotation to it as long as one rejects the belief that God is an impersonal force rather than a personal being. The rest of its principles can be assimilated to align with Christianity. Haven’t we Christians often built churches on the grounds where pagan temples once stood?. Haven’t we replaced the adoration of goddesses with the reverence for Mary, who is recognized as the mother of the Lord? Moreover who doesn’t appreciate the captivating music of Enya or the enchanting tales penned by Paulo Coelho? Yet it’s worth noting that these artists do embrace New Age concepts. However dismissing everything related to New Age would be an oversimplification.

    Reiki, similar to Eastern practices like yoga, Zen and transcendental meditation is not a religion or philosophical system; rather it constitutes a collection of techniques for both spiritual development and healing. While Reiki doesn’t teach that God is energy it does emphasize that the energy permeating the universe possesses divine qualities. Additionally Reiki doesn’t venerate its founder Mikao Usui as a deity despite drawing inspiration from Jesus and his awe inspiring acts of healing through the laying, on of hands.Throughout the process of treatment his technique is employed,. No explicit mention is made of him by name. Nevertheless within the realm of Reiki practice Christian therapists face no restrictions regarding their ability to call upon the name of Jesus or the Holy Spirit in order to seek intervention, for healing purposes.

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