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Do subliminals affect dogs?


    The question is: Do subliminals affect dogs?

    No, there doesn’t seem to be a subliminal effect on dogs. Studies have been done with primates, and they seem to have been affected by subliminal images. However, there doesn’t seem to be research on animals affected by subliminal audio.

    How Do Subliminals Affect Dogs

    Dogs are indeed hypersensitive to certain noises, but they don’t seem to have any issues when they’re out in public with a lot of people talking or when there’s loud music playing in the house, so I wouldn’t worry too much about it. You would probably be able to tell whether the dog was disturbed by it since it would show some response.

    You may be concerned if you’ve witnessed a dog being agitated by a dog whistle. Understand that subliminals work differently and don’t grab a dog’s attention like a dog whistle does.

    If you’re interested in reading up on some animal testing regarding subliminal imagery, go here.


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