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Do subliminals cause headaches?


    The question is: Do subliminals cause headaches?

    Generally speaking, high-quality subliminals do NOT cause headaches. The main reasons why a subliminal can cause headaches are because (1) the user is dehydrated, (2) the subliminal was poorly made, or (3) the user has the volume up too high. However, some people get headaches from subliminal audio for no reason other than their bodies and minds don’t respond well to them in general.

    How Do Subliminals Cause Headaches

    If you have been listening to subliminal messages regularly and have noticed that you have been experiencing headaches, the cause may be something that can be easily remedied.

    The #1 reason subliminals cause headaches is that the user is dehydrated. However, if you are drinking water and keeping hydrated, keep reading.

    Understand that headaches aren’t a typical reaction to subliminal messages. This indicates a problem with recording your subliminal session.

    Nevertheless, suppose you attempt any of these methods and see no improvement in the number of headaches. In that case, you should cease utilizing subliminal messages since they will not work for you. I say this because they are not designed to function for those who have headaches. Instead, focus on audible affirmations to you and steer clear of sounds of a low frequency since your ears aren’t used to hearing them.

    The most essential step is to rid your conscious and subconscious minds of the negative ideas, feelings, and emotions preventing you from achieving what you want in life and reprogram your subconscious mind with positive concepts. Your subliminal messages can’t be effective if they are not coordinated with your desired outcomes. When you simultaneously utilize excessive amounts of subliminals, your mind goes into overdrive, which might result in headaches and pressure discomfort.

    Because of how binaural beats and isochronic tones are processed, some individuals find that listening to these types of sounds causes them to get headaches. You may get headaches due to your subliminal recording if it contains these tones.

    More specifically, certain individuals are likely to be more sensitive to the beats than others, which might result in pain. Additionally, suppose a person is attempting to listen to binaural beats or isochronic tones while doing a cognitive job, such as working on a computer. In that case, the beats may interfere with the task at hand and make it more difficult for the person to accomplish the cognitive task.

    To experience the benefits of subliminals, you must listen to the music using headphones or earbuds designed for stereo sound. People with health issues should talk to their primary care provider before listening to binaural beats, even though it is very improbable that listening to binaural beats would result in adverse effects.

    Most individuals employ a subliminal message to rid themselves of restricting and negative ideas, which eventually changes their thinking and allows them to attract more of what they want in life. However, our conscious mind is resistant to change, and as a result, our subconscious mind will resist the subliminal affirmations being broadcast. Because your conscious and subconscious minds are fighting against one another, this opposition might give you headaches.

    On the other hand, the more you listen to your subliminal signals, the less resistance your subconscious mind gives, which in turn reduces the frequency and severity of headaches. It usually takes the subconscious mind some time to receive affirmations presented in a subliminal form. During these times, the subconscious will actively work against you and reject statements that align with your values.

    Your subconscious will listen to your feelings rather than the subliminal recording if you have a negative attitude about your ability to achieve your objective or change your outward look. Therefore, you need to have faith that you can accomplish your objective and practice visualization so that your subconscious mind is led to believe that you have already accomplished your objective.


    Why Do Subliminals Cause Headaches Sometimes?

    If you have been listening to subliminals and have wondered why I get headaches after listening to subliminals, there are a few possible explanations for this phenomenon. First, after utilizing or listening to a subliminal recording, many individuals can have unpleasant side effects such as headaches, dizziness, or a general aching in their heads.

    One of the reasons is that the subliminal message was not produced properly. Incorrect frequencies, problems with the recording, and poor integration of the foreground and background sounds. There is a science behind the production of subliminals, and if they are not constructed correctly, they have the potential to leave you with a negative impression.

    This would be another possible explanation if the binaural beats played in the background while the subliminal message was captured. Some individuals, particularly those on medicine, cannot handle binaural beats. Although this is a rare occurrence, it does explain why subliminals cause some people migraines. This is particularly important to keep in mind if you are new to the concept of binaural beats and have never utilized them seriously in the past. They need a short period of adjustment on your part.

    Another possibility is that you are playing subliminal over your headphones or earbuds at a too high volume. It is not necessary to play subliminals at a very high volume. They may be played at a very low volume and yet be quite impactful even when they are listened to. After listening to subliminal messages, some individuals report experiencing strange feelings.

    This sensation may be connected to the fact that some things are shifting in your subconscious mind. You are purging your subconscious mind of erroneous thoughts while simultaneously replacing them with more accurate ones. You may have been carrying things with you throughout your life, so give it some time.

    After a few periods, your mind and body will adapt, and you will begin to appreciate the sensation of unwinding while listening to your subliminal messages.

    Please let us know if you bought your subliminal from us and if you find that listening to your program causes you headaches afterward. One will be recorded for you that does not include binaural beats. If your subliminal messages contradict one another, this might be another cause of the headaches you’ve been experiencing. In the post we published about clashing, you will find more information that you may read.

    As long as users know that the recordings they are listening to are authentic subliminals, the great majority of individuals won’t have headaches when they listen to their subliminals. If you have done all possible to prevent phony subliminals and still experience headaches, regrettably, subliminals aren’t going to work for you.

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