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Do subliminals make you sleepy?


    The question is: Do subliminals make you sleepy?

    Yes, some subliminals can be designed to get you sleepy. Subliminals made to put you in a rested state tend to be used during sleep. However, many subliminals, in general, are made to induce a state of relaxedness to help the subconscious embed the silent messages more easily.

    How Do Subliminals Make You Sleepy

    If you’ve ever felt tired or worn out after listening to one of these recordings it’s likely due to the soothing beats or frequencies embedded in the background. These subtle sounds are responsible for inducing a state of relaxation and calmness targeting both your subconscious mind.

    The programming that takes place in our mind heavily relies on theta brain waves in most cases. These waves facilitate a state allowing your unconscious mind to be more open and receptive to positive affirmations during the subsequent stages of the process. Think of them as guided imagery exercises that aid in unwinding and promoting relaxation.

    Interestingly this state of awareness naturally occurs just before we fall asleep and right before we wake up in the morning happening at the same times each day. It’s during these moments that our brainwaves transition from the Alpha state to the Theta state, where we find ourselves now.

    Having discovered that subliminals are most effective when our consciousness is in this Theta state we deliberately incorporated this frequency into our recordings. By aligning with the rhythms of our brains we optimize the effectiveness of the subliminals, in helping you achieve your desired outcomes.We intentionally made this decision based on consideration.

    Can subliminals make you feel sleepy?
    You don’t necessarily have to be asleep for messaging to have an impact. The key lies in crafting the message so that it can be absorbed by the subconscious mind. Brainwave entrainment is not a requirement for optimal brainwave functioning, as your brainwaves naturally synchronize with each other. When subliminal messages are properly designed and followed without alteration their power and effectiveness are enhanced when used together.

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