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Do subliminals make you sleepy?


    The question is: Do subliminals make you sleepy?

    Yes, some subliminals can be designed to get you sleepy. Subliminals made to put you in a rested state tend to be used during sleep. However, many subliminals, in general, are made to induce a state of relaxedness to help the subconscious embed the silent messages more easily.

    How Do Subliminals Make You Sleepy

    If you have experienced fatigue after listening to one of these recordings, the background binaural beats or frequencies captured on the subliminal recording are to blame.

    The activities of the programming that is carried out in our subconscious are carried out with the assistance of theta brain waves in a major fraction of the cases. They are designed to calm both your conscious and subconscious mind, making it possible for your unconscious mind to be more open to positive affirmations in the next part of the process. They are a kind of guided imagery. They are designed to assist you in unwinding and relaxing.

    This state of awareness will occur in our brains on its own just before we go off to sleep and again just before we open our eyes in the morning. Both of these occurrences will take place around the same time. At that precise moment, the spectrum of our brainwaves moved from the Alpha state into the Theta state, where we are now.

    We decided to utilize that frequency in our recordings after learning that this is the state of consciousness in which subliminals are most effective. This was a deliberate choice on our side to make this decision.


    A person doesn’t need to be asleep for subliminal messaging to be effective; all that is needed is for the message to be crafted appropriately for it to be received by the subconscious. Because of this, you do not need any form of entrainment for your brainwaves to function properly. Your brainwaves are already in perfect synchronization with one another. When they are made appropriately, and the script is adhered to without being altered, the power and efficacy of subliminal messages are increased when they are employed in conjunction with one another.

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