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Do subliminals work when awake?


    The question is: Do subliminals work when awake?

    Yes, subliminals do work when awake. So long as the subliminal audio is audible to the user, whether awake, asleep, or working on something, the subliminal messages will reach the user’s subconscious mind and do what it’s designed to do.

    Why Do Subliminals Work When Awake

    Subliminal messages, which are embedded in tracks consist of silent affirmations that aim to unconsciously influence your behaviors and attitudes based on the objective of the subliminal program.

    You can listen to these audios either when you are awake or while you are asleep unless stated otherwise by the specific program.

    Typically you can listen to audio while engaged in other activities like studying, doing household chores or working. Long as the audible subliminal music (not the hidden messages) reaches your ears your subconscious mind will absorb the messages and you will reap the benefits.

    So what enhances the effectiveness of subliminals?

    Here are a suggestions to maximize the benefits:

    1. Listen to the audio daily for at 30 minutes.
    2. Stay hydrated by drinking water
    3. Avoid experimenting with different subliminals in a single day.

    If you don’t allocate time in your day for your subconscious mind to absorb the messages the desired results may not manifest. This not demonstrates a lack of commitment, towards your supposed desires but also indicates to your unconscious mind (the part that needs to support you) that you’re not taking it seriously.This plays a role in causing self sabotage.

    Note: You can also incorporate subliminals while you sleep allowing your auditory senses to receive the messages and facilitate their integration into your mind even if you are unaware and asleep.

    It is also advisable to listen to your subliminals during specific times of the day. For instance it wouldn’t be logical to listen to a subliminal aimed at boosting energy levels before going to bed. Such subliminals make sense for making life changes in areas like attraction, motivation or health but not for purposes such, as “staying awake for longer ” when your conscious intention directly contradicts it.


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    NOTE: All subliminal audios contain anti-piracy measures that nullify non-purchasing users from gaining any of the benefits from stolen product.