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Do subliminals work while reading?

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The question is Do subliminals work while reading?

Yes, subliminals do work while reading. So long as the subliminal audio is audible to the user, whether awake, asleep, or working on something, the subliminal messages will reach the user’s subconscious mind and do what it’s designed to do.

How Do Subliminals Work While Reading

Since subliminal messages function on a more subconscious level of the mind, focusing on them is not required to enjoy the benefits they provide. Because the signals reach the subconscious mind without the person’s conscious resistance, the user’s mind is much more open to receiving the messages.

Let’s put it this way—

Every day you miss thousands upon thousands of details going on around you. You are primarily only aware of what is relevant to your conscious objective.

For example, if you’re driving to work, your mind is likely focusing on navigating around other drivers, the road in front of you, music on the radio, directions coming from your phone, things like this.

While your mind is only picking up things that you feel is relevant to you, your eyes and ears still give your mind input on the things you don’t consider relevant. Such as the plane flying overhead, the cat on the side of the road, the child that waved at you from the car over.

There are lots of things your eyes and ears picked up, but that your mind didn’t make you aware of because it only wants to make you aware of what you believe is relevant to you.

This is also why you will buy a new car and suddenly notice how many other drivers drive that very same model.

If the mind doesn’t consider it relevant, the input will slip past your conscious mind and will instead operate in your unconscious mind. The same applies to subliminal audios.

Your subconscious mind will still pick up all the subliminals messages you receive while reading a book. Even if you’re listening to your audio subliminal at a very low volume.

This isn’t only limited to reading and studying. As long as you have a set of headphones on, and your subliminal is audible, your mind will pick up it’s messages regardless of what you’re doing. Whether you’re aware or asleep.


When you listen to subliminal messages, you effectively provide your subconscious mind with a code that will enable you to alter some aspects of how you experience the world around you. This code will allow you to change certain aspects of your world perception. Most people cannot detect the difference between conscious and subconscious minds. This is because the unconscious mind tends to dominate.

The component of the mind that is in charge of performing conscious cognition is referred to as the conscious mind. This category includes various pursuits, including studying for an examination, doing school assignments, reading a book, watching a movie, playing video games, and many more hobbies. The actions that you do knowingly while your mind is occupied with other things.

Because it is less active, deals with sentiments and concerns that are more spiritual and ethereal, and accumulates knowledge, the subconscious is much more difficult to access than the conscious mind. But, on the other hand, if the process consisted of nothing more than just listening to what was being said, then every one of us would be able to get the results we desire with the snap of a finger.

While you are engaged in activities that keep your conscious mind busy, such as studying or watching a movie, you are “distracting” your conscious mind. This paves the way for the subliminal information to pass freely into your subconscious mind without being obstructed by gatekeepers.

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