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Does guided meditation for weight loss work?


    The question is: Does guided meditation for weight loss work?

    Guided meditation can help you with your weight loss by (1) making you more aware of yourself, (2) expanding your willpower reserves, (3) helping you slow down to prevent catastrophizing, and much more.


    How Does Guided Meditation For Weight Loss Work

    The practice of meditation is one way to reach a state of peace by establishing a connection between the mind and the body. People have been meditating as a kind of spiritual practice that dates back thousands of years. Meditation is becoming more popular as a method for individuals to de-stress and become more conscious of their own thoughts.

    There are a lot of different ways to meditate. Some are based on the recitation of certain phrases that are referred to as mantras. Others concentrate on breathing or maintaining their minds in the here and now.

    All of these approaches may assist you in developing a deeper comprehension of yourself, including the inner workings of your mind and body.

    Because of this enhanced awareness, meditation is a good technique for better understanding your eating patterns, which may result in weight reduction if you meditate regularly.

    The effects of meditation on your weight loss won’t be immediate. However, with little practice, it can have long-lasting benefits not just on your weight, but also on how you think about things.

    There are several advantages associated with the practice of meditation. First, it seems that practicing awareness via meditation is the most beneficial in weight reduction. A review of previous research conducted in 2017 indicated that practicing mindfulness meditation was an effective approach for altering eating patterns and shedding excess pounds.

    The practice of mindfulness meditation entails bringing your full awareness to the here-and-now by focusing on where you are, what you’re doing, and how you’re feeling.

    You will recognize each of these features without passing judgment on them while practicing mindfulness meditation. You should make an effort to think of your actions and ideas as being nothing more than those things. You should take stock of how you are feeling and doing, but you should strive not to judge anything as either good or negative.

    Putting in the consistent effort here will eventually pay off. Regular mindfulness meditation practice may also lead to advantages in the long run. According to research conducted in 2017, dieters who practice mindfulness have a greater chance of successfully maintaining their weight loss.


    Meditation practices that focus on being present in the moment might be very useful for reducing emotional and stress-related eating. By being more aware of your thoughts and emotions, you may detect those instances when you eat because you’re anxious rather than hungry.

    It is also a useful tool for preventing you from slipping into the detrimental cycle of shame and guilt that some people fall into when attempting to modify their eating habits. Unfortunately, this spiral is something that some individuals go into when trying to improve their eating habits. Recognizing your thoughts, sensations, and actions for what they are when practicing mindfulness requires you to do it without passing judgment on yourself.

    This helps you forgive yourself for errors, such as consuming an entire bag of potato chips because you were stressed out. Forgiveness may also keep you from catastrophizing, a fancy name for when you decide to buy a pizza since you have already “messed up” by eating a bag of chips. Forgiveness can keep you from catastrophizing by preventing you from catastrophizing.

    Brief Guide to Meditation

    Meditation is accessible to everyone who has both a mind and a body. There is no need for any specialized gear or costly seminars. However, finding the time to do anything might be challenging for many people. So make it a goal to begin with a manageable time commitment, such as ten minutes per day or even once every other day.

    During these 10 minutes, you must ensure access to a peaceful location. If you want to get as much done as possible without being interrupted by your children, the best time to do it is either before they get up or after they go to bed. You may even try doing it while you’re standing in the shower.

    Once you’re in a peaceful spot, make yourself comfy. Then, you are free to sit or lie in whatever comfortable position.

    To begin, bring your attention to your breath and observe your chest or stomach moving up and down as you breathe in and out. Next, observe the sensation you get as you breathe in and out via your mouth or nose. Finally, pay attention to the noises that are produced by the air. Continue doing this for one or two minutes until you experience a greater sense of relaxation.

    Tips For Meditation & Weight Loss

    The following are some more suggestions that might assist you in adopting a more mindful approach to weight loss:

    • Eat at a more leisurely pace. Chewing carefully and concentrating on the flavor of each mouthful should be your primary focus.
    • Determine the best time of day to consume food. Eating quickly or while multitasking should be avoided at all costs.
    • Acquire the ability to distinguish between hunger and satiety. Do not force yourself to eat if you are not hungry. Stop moving forward if you feel full already. Instead, make an effort to pay attention to what your body is trying to tell you.
    • Be aware of the effects that eating certain foods has on you. Make an effort to be mindful of how your body reacts after consuming certain meals. Which ones make you feel like you have no energy? Which ones cause you to feel more energetic than others?
    • You need to forgive yourself. You hoped consuming that pint of ice cream would help improve your mood, but it did not. That’s OK. Take what you can from it, and then go on.
    • Choose your foods with more deliberation. Before you really start eating, you should spend extra time thinking about the food you are consuming.
    • Take note of your appetite. Do you still need chocolate? Recognizing and accepting your desires might help you fight them off.

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