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Does guided meditation for weight loss work?


    The question is: Does guided meditation for weight loss work?

    Guided meditation can help you with your weight loss by (1) making you more aware of yourself, (2) expanding your willpower reserves, (3) helping you slow down to prevent catastrophizing, and much more.

    How Does Guided Meditation For Weight Loss Work

    Meditation is a practice that allows individuals to attain a state of tranquility by establishing a deep connection between the mind and body. People have been engaging in meditation for purposes for centuries preserving its significance through the ages. Nowadays meditation has gained popularity as a means for individuals to unwind and cultivate self awareness.

    There exists a range of meditation techniques, each unique in its approach. Some involve the repetition of phrases known as mantras while others focus on mindful breathing or being present in the current moment.

    Engaging in any of these methods can lead you to acquire an understanding of yourself delving into the inner workings of your mind and body.

    By fostering this heightened awareness regular meditation can even shed light on your eating habits potentially aiding in weight loss. It’s important to note that immediate weight loss results should not be expected from meditation. However with practice it can bring about lasting benefits not only to your physical well being but also, to your cognitive perceptions.

    The practice of meditation carries advantages. Research suggests that mindfulness meditation specifically holds effects when it comes to weight reduction.The research conducted back in 2017 provided evidence suggesting that incorporating mindfulness meditation into your routine could be a way to modify your eating habits and shed those extra pounds.

    Mindfulness meditation involves directing your attention to the present moment focusing on your current location, activity and emotions.

    During meditation it’s important to observe these elements without passing judgment. Simply perceive your thoughts and actions as they are without labeling them as good or bad.

    By investing effort into regular mindfulness meditation practice you can eventually reap the rewards. Over time it may also offer long term benefits. In fact a study from 2017 demonstrated that individuals who incorporate mindfulness into their dieting journey are more likely to maintain their weight loss.

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    Once you find an environment make yourself comfortable by sitting or lying down in a position that feels relaxing to you.

    To begin shift your attention towards your breath. Observe the gentle rise and fall of your chest or stomach as you inhale and exhale. Take note of the sensations that arise as you breathe in and out through your mouth or nose. Additionally pay attention to any sounds created by the air during this process. Continue engaging in this practice for a minute or two allowing yourself to gradually experience a sense of relaxation.

    Valuable Suggestions for Meditation & Weight Loss

    Here are some recommendations that can aid you in adopting a more mindful approach towards achieving weight loss:

    1. Practice eating at a pace: Focus on chewing your food mindfully and savoring the flavors of each bite.
    2. Determine a time for meals: Avoid rushing through your meals or eating while multitasking; instead allocate dedicated time solely, for enjoying your food.
    3. Cultivate awareness of hunger and satiety cues: Learn to differentiate between hunger and feelings of fullnessYou shouldn’t force yourself to eat if you don’t feel hungry. If you’re already full it’s okay to stop and listen to your bodys signals.

    Pay attention to how certain foods affect you. Be mindful of your bodys reactions after eating meals. Which ones leave you feeling low on energy? Which ones provide a boost of energy?

    Remember to be kind, to yourself. Maybe you thought that indulging in a pint of ice cream would improve your mood. It didn’t work out as expected. That’s alright. Learn from the experience. Move forward.

    Make deliberate choices when it comes to your food. Take some time to think about the meals you’re about to eat before diving in.

    Be aware of your appetite. Are you still craving chocolate? Acknowledging and accepting your cravings may help you resist them in the run.

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