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Does hypnosis work for weight loss?


    The question is: Does hypnosis work for weight loss?

    Studies have shown that hypnosis can help with weight loss. However, this is likely only due to subconscious influence that helps you enforce healthy choices and a lifestyle conducive to your fitness goals.

    How Does Hypnosis Work For Weight Loss?

    If you combine it with a healthy diet, regular exercise, and psychological support, hypnosis for weight reduction could be able to assist you in losing those last few stubborn pounds. However, it is difficult to determine for certain since there is not a sufficient amount of robust scientific data on weight-loss hypnosis on its own.

    When you are under hypnosis, your attention is heightened, and you are more receptive to suggestions, including changes in behavior that might assist you in achieving your weight loss goals. The condition of inner absorption and focus that characterizes hypnosis is analogous to being in a trance. Verbal repetition and mental imagery are hypnotherapists’ primary tools to guide patients into hypnosis.

    Little research has been done on the effectiveness of hypnosis for weight reduction. In most trials, participants only lost moderate weight, with an average reduction of roughly 6 pounds (2.7 kilograms) over 18 months. Unfortunately, however, the validity of some of this research has been called into doubt, making it difficult to ascertain whether or not hypnosis for weight reduction is helpful.

    On the other hand, recent research found that patients who received hypnosis had reduced rates of inflammation, greater satiety, and improved quality of life. This was despite the fact that the study only demonstrated moderate weight reduction outcomes. These are some potential ways in which hypnosis might have an effect on one’s weight. Further research is required to understand the possible function that hypnosis plays in weight control.

    Diet and exercise are the two main components that should be prioritized while trying to lose weight. Talk to your healthcare provider about additional choices or adjustments to your lifestyle that you may make if you have tried dieting and exercising but are still not able to reach the weight reduction target that you have set for yourself.

    It is improbable that relying on hypnosis for weight reduction would result in considerable weight loss; nevertheless, using hypnosis for weight loss as an addition to an overall lifestyle approach will definitely help.


    The hypnosis process will most likely be broken down for you by your therapist right at the outset of your hypnotherapy session. After that, they will discuss your own objectives. Your therapist may then begin speaking to you in a gentle, calm manner to assist you in relaxing and developing a sense of safety. This may be done to:

    Once you have reached a state of mind in which you are more open, your therapist may offer techniques to assist you in adjusting your eating habits or exercise routines, as well as other approaches to achieve the weight reduction objectives you have set for yourself.

    The use of certain words or the repeating of particular phrases may be helpful at this point. Through detailed mental imagery, your therapist may also assist you in seeing yourself successfully achieving your objectives.

    At the end of the session, your therapist will assist you in emerging from hypnosis and returning to the condition in which you began the session.

    The duration of the hypnosis session and the total number of sessions you may need will be determined by the specific objectives you want to achieve during the process. There is a possibility that some individuals may notice improvements in as little as one to three sessions.

    A person is relaxed by using therapeutic words, phrases, or procedures during the normal hypnosis session, performed by a therapist with extensive training. Music, guided relaxation, positive self-talk, or creative imagery may also be included. When a person is in this altered state of consciousness, they may have a heightened feeling of concentration in which their mind is more open to change. When this occurs, they may also be less resistant to change.

    The proponents of these methods argue that they make it possible for a person to access resources inside themselves that they cannot access while they are fully aware. There is evidence from certain studies to indicate that hypnosis may help people lose weight. In addition, some people may discover that hypnosis assists them in making appropriate dietary modifications, such as eating fewer calories and exercising more often.

    According to the findings of a study that was published in 2021, hypnosis has the potential to be both a safe and effective adjuvant therapy for aiding weight reduction. In addition, the authors of a meta-analysis published in 2018 imply that hypnosis is particularly beneficial for short-term weight reduction; however, they concede that there is a dearth of evidence on the benefits of hypnosis on weight loss over the long term.

    Research published in 2020 suggests that hypnosis may help patients who are obese lose weight and see significant improvements in their leptin levels. Leptin is a hormone that plays a role in regulating how much food we take in.

    A randomized control experiment was conducted in 2018 and found that those who regularly used self-hypnosis could lower the number of calories they consumed considerably and lose more weight than those who did not utilize this approach. Those who participated in the hypnosis group lost an average of 9.6 kilograms (kg) over a year, while those in the control group dropped an average of 5.6 kg. People who were taught how to employ hypnosis but did not put their newfound skills into practice consistently shed an average of 6.5 kg.

    Even though there is some evidence to show that hypnosis may give short-term advantages for weight reduction, experts have concluded that further study is required on the long-term effects of hypnosis as a feasible therapy option for those who are obese.

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