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Does reiki clear the seven chakras?


    Reiki, a practice aims to restore energetic balance in the body. It is considered a method and an effective way to relieve symptoms associated with blocked chakras.

    During this centuries practice originating from Japan, a Reiki master, who has completed all three levels of the Reiki training program transfers vital life force energy through their hands to another person, known as the recipient. For instance by hovering their hands over the recipients body the practitioner can identify blockages and employ techniques to open them. This allows the recipients life force energy, also known as Qi to flow freely throughout their body.

    When specifically targeting the seven chakras, which represent the energy centers situated along the spine Reiki holds promising potential, in reducing non injury related musculoskeletal pain. However it is vital to note that Reiki is not a guaranteed cure all and instantaneous healing should not be expected. Healing takes time and patience.

    Here are some common examples of chakra related pain and imbalances that a trained Reiki practitioner can address and alleviate:

    1.The Base Chakra

    The base chakra, positioned at the end of the spine focuses on aspects related to ones sense of self ability to survive and connection with the Earth. Disharmony in this chakra can lead to concerns regarding financial stability. Physical signs of imbalance may include lower back pain and issues with the groin, hips, legs, knees, calves, ankles and feet. By applying Reiki on the base chakra it can create a sensation of support and grounding particularly when combined with other forms of Reiki.

    1. The Sacral Chakra

    The sacral chakra is located around one to two inches below the navel. It plays a role in matters concerning sexuality, gender identity, creative expression and reproduction. When this chakra is not in balance it can manifest as discomfort or problems in the hips, pelvis and lower back. Traumatic experiences or misuse of the organs can lead to an energy blockage, in this chakra. Reiki can aid in uncovering buried emotions, including anger allowing us to initiate the process of holistic healing.The solar plexus chakra, positioned one to two inches above the navel serves as our source of personal power. It allows us to establish a connection with our self worth and the capacity to safeguard ourselves. Whenever we find ourselves feeling scattered or directing our energy outward it often indicates that we have relinquished our power. This may sometimes manifest as discomfort or a swirling sensation in the plexus area. Physical imbalances, such as indigestion or fatigue are symptoms associated with this chakra. By practicing reiki and eliminating these blockages we open up the opportunity to lead purposeful lives.

    Moving on lets discuss the heart chakra. Located in the center of our chest this chakra governs how we perceive and express love. When it is imbalanced we might encounter feelings of isolation, resentment and disconnection from both ourselves and others. Reiki possesses the capacity to cultivate our compassion and enhance receptiveness towards love from those, around us.

    Lastly we turn our attention to the throat chakra positioned at the base of the throat. This chakra encourages us to communicate authentically.The crown chakra, located at the pinnacle and center of the head serves as our conduit to the universe, spirituality and the wisdom bestowed upon us by sources. When there is a lack of balance in this chakra it can impede our ability to trust in our knowing and intuition. Reiki can be instrumental, in unblocking this chakra allowing us to embrace the power of our senses.When reiki practitioners successfully open the crown chakra individuals may undergo a transformative experience characterized by a heightened sense of trust, inner security and a profound connection, to the world surrounding them.

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