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Does reiki conflict with Christianity


    Catholics are encouraged to keep a healthy distance from the practice of Reiki. Warnings have been issued about it by Church authorities, priests, and the Ibero-American Network for the Study of Sects (RIES).

    The affirmation of the headline is based on what is established in the Catechism of the Church and what was endorsed in March 2009 through a specific document on Reiki disseminated by the bishops of the United States (access at the end), among other contributions that we present in this essay. In addition, the affirmation of the headline follows what is established in the Catechism of the Church.

    Healing through the utilization of “energy” dates back thousands of years in Asia; however, Mikao Usui (1865-1927), the dean of a small university in Kyoto, Japan, is credited with the invention of Reiki in the early nineteenth century. Ibero-American Network for the Study of Sects informs in one of its publications from April 2009 that “A teacher with the charisma of a guru, who had mystical visions and created this new system that, proposing to be healing, is not only a technique but a spiritual path.” This information was included in one of the organization’s publications (RIES).

    The naked and honest truth

    In the same publication, RIES argues that the worldview of Reiki is incompatible with the Christian faith, not only because it upholds the belief in “cosmic dualism,” which has its roots in Taoism and is based on the theory of opposites (Ying-Yang), but also because it “reduces God to an energy that can be channeled if one focuses on it and learns the techniques to it.”

    In sections 1507, 1508, and 1509 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, it is stated that healing, which may be mediated by prayer or sacramental action, is only possible by the grace of God. and it also becomes apparent when reading various passages in the Gospel that discuss this reality. These sections lend support to the claims made by RIES.

    This certainty of Faith then reveals the fundamental mistake made by the defenders of Reiki, as they point out in RIES, because following the writings of Usui, its creator, this would be a technique that channels the universal energy of manageable life to human discretion and without identifying the real origin of that supposed energy. This certainty of Faith then reveals the fundamental mistake made by the defenders of Reiki, as they point out in RIES.

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