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Does reiki healing actually work?


    The healing technique known as reiki is not only non-invasive but also extremely efficient. B. can alleviate stress, anxiety, physical and mental tension, and pain. The Japanese practice of Reiki is a form of hands-on energy healing that, in addition to inducing a state of profound relaxation, works to address the underlying factors contributing to various health issues.

    What is Reiki?

    The term “Reiki” originates in Japan and can be translated to mean “universal life energy.” Dr. Mikao Usui of Japan is credited with developing the Reiki healing method in 1914. Today, this type of healing is practiced all over the world. Clearing energy blockages, increasing energy flow, and enhancing the body’s capacity to heal are some of the benefits that can be attained through the practice of Reiki, which is administered by laying on hands (Reiki) and channeling energy (reiki). At every stage of the body’s repair process, rekienergi lends assistance. In all aspects: the physical, the emotional, the mental, and the spiritual. However, the fact that a practitioner of Reiki does not deplete their energy but merely acts as a conduit for the flow of healing life force energy is the

    What is Reiki healing good for?

    The energy of Reiki invigorates and strengthens the body, thereby improving health. Your body will have more energy and a greater sense of well-being due to the treatment used for balancing and prevention. Additionally, the energy of Reiki can help heal or alleviate various health issues.

    Reiki helps you with:

    • Find your relaxation
    • Improve sleep
    • Relieves stress and tension
    • Dissolves energy blockages
    • Seems emotionally calming
    • Balances your chakras, Replenishes
    • the body’s energy stores Release
    • emotions to allow them to surface and dissipate
    • Lowers high blood pressure and raises low blood pressure. Blood Pressure
    • Increases intuition and creativity, think more clearly

    Reiki healing is effective against stress, burnout, depression, anxiety, and sleep disorders but can also be used for chronic pain or allergies. Areas where Reiki has also been shown to be good include migraines, back pain, menstrual cramps, sports injuries, and wounds. Reiki is also a great method for personal development, increased self-confidence, and deep insight into life.

    How does the treatment work?

    During a treatment, you lie on a treatment bench and are fully clothed. During the Reiki treatment, I place my hands on or directly over my body in different positions. I then let the Reiki energy flow into your body through my hands. Many people feel cold, hot, under pressure, or irritated when holding hands or in other areas of the body, while others feel nothing. The Reiki treatment ends with a short conversation about the experiences during the treatment.

    How does it feel after a Reiki treatment?

    After the treatment, the person may feel well rested, happy, joyful, completely exhausted, or perhaps depressed and need to cry for a while. Regardless of how the person feels, a healing process has been set in motion and what comes out has to come out. Many still feel unusually awake with a sense of replenished life energy. Occasionally the client falls asleep. It is proof that one is free from resistance and letting in the healing energies. After a treatment, rest is good, for example, a leisurely walk on the beach or in nature.

    How does the treatment work?

    Reiki energy flows to the areas you need right now, so practitioners don’t need to diagnose or know what needs to be healed. Rekienergi alone looks for areas that are out of balance and find unhealthy vibrations in the body. Of course, it’s impossible to predict the outcome in advance, but you can always be confident that what’s coming is right for you.

    Reiki healing works by healing the body’s blockages by charging them with positive energy. Healing energy affects the body’s frequency so that energies increase and negative energies dissipate and disappear. Reiki purifies energy flow and allows the life force to flow freely. When this happens, the body can heal itself.

    How do I achieve a successful result?

    Reiki healing is completely harmless and can never be overdosed. When you feel confident in Reiki, you will open up and receive the power deeper and stronger.

    Many people feel comfortable having multiple treatments in a row, and sometimes there may be a need to achieve long-term healing effects. Therefore, there is usually a week between treatments. To get the best effect of the Reiki treatment, it is recommended not to exercise or drink alcohol before treatment.

    For Reiki healing to be permanent, change is required on three levels: mental, emotional, and behavioral. Then we achieve the best result, the body can absorb the greatest possible life energy, and the healing becomes permanent. An important part of everything is that you are open and willing to experience emotional/mental changes in order not to create new blockages in the body.


    Reiki treatments are classified as wellness and tax-free for personal care. Rehabilitative well-being costs are fully deductible to the employer and are not taxed on benefits. Reiki treatments are classified as wellness, and you can use your wellness money to make deductions.

    Reiki is used in many different hospitals around the world. Some examples are Norway, England, the USA, Australia, Spain, and Uruguay. In addition, many studies have been conducted in different areas, e.g., B. pain, wound healing, cardiovascular disease, stress, anxiety, depression, and addiction.

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