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Does Reiki Work For Everyone?


    Once an individual has completed the Reiki 1 initiation. They are able to embark on their Reiki healing journey. Providing healing to themselves and others. The four attunements of Reiki I are given over the course of a weekend.

    In accordance with the Usui tradition of Reiki I. These attunements serve to open up the channels within ones’ body allowing for the smooth and secure flow of energy.

    Once this process is complete not only can you begin practicing self treatment with Reiki but you can also engage in energy exchange with others.

    For instance students often come together during open Reiki evenings to partake in giving and receiving treatments as a means to deepen their understanding of this practice. What is it like to experience Reiki? The effects vary greatly from person to person and are highly individualized.

    Many individuals report feeling a gentle tingling sensation in their hands. Along with vibrations or warmth. Each person experiences the flow of life energy uniquely as they are an exceptional creation. However.

    There may be instances where one does not initially feel anything. This could be attributed to lack of belief or uncertainty.

    Feelings of inadequacy or certain present blockages.

    In such cases it becomes crucial to find courage and self-assurance in order to persist in ones’ practice. Remember that everyone will eventually receive the gift that Reiki offers them; it is simply a matter of dedication and continued growth on this healing path.

    Akin to any other journey. To illustrate my point further. I would like to share an intriguing story about transformation experienced by one of my students. Will Reiki always yield results? While a person may have received initiation into Reiki training external life events may prevent them from actively engaging with this healing energy thereafter.

    Occasionally people pose the question of whether they can resume practicing Reiki once more. Allow me to share an experience on this matter:

    Several years ago at my clinic a woman came seeking healing and attended a session with me. It had been sixteen years since her initial introduction to Reiki; yet all that knowledge remained dormant within her until recently when she felt compelled to reengage with it – unsure if it was still possible after all this time.

    After providing her with a session of Reiki treatment I sensed its effects lingering within her body. As a result I recommended she place her hands on herself daily to allow the flow of Reiki energy.

    A week passed, and she called me with immense excitement.

    Sharing that she could now feel the energy flowing once again.

    Not discouraged by a 16 year hiatus. She decided to give Reiki another shot and joined the open Reiki evenings. Since then. She has wholeheartedly pursued the path of Reiki with enthusiasm and gratitude. The practice of Reiki mirrors nature itself – neglecting to water a plant will not sustain it. Similarly.

    Without investing effort into practicing Reiki.

    One cannot expect it to reciprocate efforts made by them. However. If your initiation was done correctly and you possess a strong desire to be a Reiki practitioner once more.

    Feel free to restart whenever you feel ready. Is Reiki Dangerous? The term “Reiki” refers to the life force that permeates the entire universe and serves as the foundation for all things. This omnipresent force embodies unconditional love that reunifies what has been separated. With its tremendous power serving as a creative force in our lives practicing Reiki poses no risks but rather offers protection in all aspects of life. In instances where nurturing and comfort are needed. Reiki has a remarkable effect by creating space to overcome limitations and simplifying complex situations. The presence of Reiki energy establishes a secure zone that encourages relaxation as it assures everything is unfolding as intended. Does giving Reiki exhaust the practitioner? Engaging in Reiki practice does not deplete personal energy reserves; instead it entails opening oneself up for the flow of Reiki energy through channels that have been activated via attunements received during training. This grants the practitioner access to the unique power associated with this particular energetic force. By offering healing energy through administering Reiki practitioners also enjoy the benefits themselves. As such. Providing these treatments does not drain ones’ own energy reserves but rather proves advantageous — particularly when faced with exhaustion, uncertainty, or fear. The restoration of balance after addressing any pre existing imbalances is accomplished through the influence of Reikis energy.

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