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Does subliminal messaging and learning work?


    The question is: Does subliminal messaging and learning work?

    Yes, subliminal messaging DOES work for priming. However, subliminal learning does NOT work. The idea of relying on subliminal learning for gathering information is incredibly inefficient. The closest human beings get to naturally processing information most similarly to “subliminal learning” is our intuition, which is incredibly less effective than direct learning from a book, seminar, etc. This is because subliminal influence and intuition both rely on the user to be open to recognizing patterns and already having some foundation of knowledge/experience to draw from.

    How Does Subliminal Messaging and Learning Work

    Subliminals are covert messages that embed into your subconscious to create a certain attitude or behavior without your conscious awareness.

    For example, the subliminal audio programs we have regarding Health, Attraction, and Success all contain their scripts of inaudible affirmations that your conscious senses can’t pick up, but your subconscious grabs onto. You will hear ambient music and sounds when you listen to these tracks, but you won’t notice the subliminal messaging at all.

    These subliminal messages “prime” you, meaning they adjust your mind to be more ready to respond to certain stimuli.

    The caveat is that your mind has to be open to these suggestions in the first place. Otherwise, they won’t be effective.

    This means that subliminal learning isn’t something that is very effective.

    The difference between a student who goes to school and attends a class to learn directly and someone who is trying to “learn subliminally” is that the subliminal learner will only get some pieces of the puzzle. They have to hope that life gives them enough intuitive glimpses to help them make out the entire image of the puzzle.

    Meanwhile, the typical student is in the class and learns the information upfront.

    The “subliminal learner” is basically going to have to piece together a bunch of pieces across a very long span of time. And that’s only if they take the time to self-reflect and remember where they learned about each piece.

    This is technically what creativity is—the mixing of different ideas and making something whole. Except, in regards to relying entirely on subliminals for learning, you’re hoping to “figure things out” in the least efficient way.

    The best that subliminals can help with learning is instead for priming the user by helping them to:

    • Improve Focus & Concentration
    • Ignite Motivation & Manifestation
    • Increase Self-Belief
    • Higher Creativity
    • Abundance Mindset
    • Raise Money Consciousness
    • Create & Spot Opportunities

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    The Difference Between Subliminal vs Supraliminal

    Subliminal signals are any stimuli that fall beyond the level at which we can consciously perceive them. Therefore, even if we actively seek it, we cannot pick up on subliminal cues because they are so far below what is known as the absolute threshold level (ATL).

    That is significant. The terms “subliminal influence” and “subconscious influence” are often used interchangeably. However, these two ideas couldn’t be more unlike one another.

    Even if it is not subliminal, a stimulus might affect our subconscious. For example, it is not considered subliminal if it is visible or audible to us, even though we do not take conscious note of it. This would be classified as supraliminal.

    Take, for example, the music found in stores. Researchers observed a surprising response when they played music at a business that sold alcoholic beverages. For example, German wine sales were higher than French wine on days that featured German music. On the other hand, when French music was played, the opposite result occurred (North, Hargreaves, & McKendrick, 1999).

    Did the individuals realize that the music was causing changes in their behavior? They were, in fact, subject to unconscious manipulation. Have any of the people heard the music? They did. Therefore, the music was not subliminal but rather supraliminal.

    When it comes to things that happen under our conscious awareness, there is no question that supraliminal variables affect us (Fitzsimons et al., 2001).

    People have said that subliminal messages may be found in various mediums, including movies, music, and advertisements. Without a doubt, this idea has a lot of intrigue for me. Sadly, the majority of the cases are nothing more than mere coincidences. Nevertheless, people can find significance in almost everything if they search hard enough.

    Not to mention that many well-known instances aren’t really “subliminal” in any sense of the word. Instead, the cues are nothing more than supraliminal sensations that are masked inside a visual.

    Here are some subliminal and supraliminal instances of things that have been popular recently.

    You may blame the confusion caused by subliminal advertising on James Vicary. In the 1950s, Vicary said he could double the money made at a movie theater’s concession stand by flashing the words “Eat Popcorn” and “Drink Coke” during a film.

    To cut a long tale short, his assertion was a fraud.

    Even though Vicary admitted her guilt, the harm was already done. The deception made many believe that mind control was really feasible, and it tarnished the reputation of advertising.

    Since then, people have been on the watch for advertisements that seem to be odd and may contain hidden messages.

    If you’re acquainted with my history, you already know I used to work as a “mind reader” on stage. In my mind reading program, I once stated that I could complete certain exercises with the help of subliminal signals.

    The fact of the matter is, however, that I have never once included any hidden messages in my performance. But I was highly curious about the effect of subliminal signals, and that skepticism has not changed.

    My performances were usually prefaced with a disclaimer that explained how they were primarily focused on sleight of hand and magic rather than psychology. And the activities I do that include “subliminal messages”? However, they are wholly predicated on deception and just plain old BS. But it certainly gives the impression of being true.

    People must already be open to suggestion for subliminals to influence effectively. For instance, research has shown that subliminal instructions linked to thirst are only effective when sent to individuals who exhibited symptoms of thirst in the first place (Strahan, Spencer, and Zanna, 2002). Subliminal signals did not affect those not experiencing a lack of hydration.

    The main point is… You cannot have your conduct controlled by subliminal signals. They can only serve to direct your choice (e.g., choosing Lipton Ice versus some other beverage).

    Self-help audios are another topic that generates a lot of discussions in addition to advertising. People are said to be able to enhance their memory, reduce weight, quit smoking, and a whole host of other issues with the use of various subliminal audio programs that are now available.

    Do Subliminals Actually Work?

    The effectiveness of using subliminal messages in self-help recordings has been shown through research. But remember that you must already be open to the ideas these subliminals are suggesting.

    The act of researching, purchasing, and willingly listening to these subliminals is enough cognitive evidence that you are “open” to the suggestions a subliminal offers. This is what makes the subliminal work to improve your life.

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