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Energy Healing and the Subconscious Mind


    Do you know about energy healing and the subconscious mind?

    Energy Healing and the Subconscious Mind

    The intriguing sphere of energy healing finds its roots intricately connected with the subtle workings dwelling within our subconscious mind. A tangible example illustrating this symbiotic relationship emerges when we harness the remarkable power held by our human psyche to triumph over illnesses—merely one aspect nested within energetic healing’s rich tapestry. This expansive discipline encompasses numerous facets like prayerful practices, herbal remedies rooted in nature’s bounty, spiritual explorations nurturing one’s inner being alongside meditation techniques, and the ability to cultivate positive thinking.

    It is vital to grasp that an energy practitioner does not exist solely to provide healing to others; rather, they function as a compassionate guide facilitating self-healing journeys.

    The understanding of one’s innate capacity for self-healing, channeling external tools, and devoted inner work lies at the heart of this transformative practice.

    Religion, Spirituality & the Energy of Thought

    The core energetic principle that underlies everything holds various names depending on individual preferences across cultures and spirituality. Common references include Self or God while other names like Spirit, Jah Christ Krishna Allah Adonai etc., serve as alternative labels.

    According to teachings from prominent religions and spiritual traditions worldwide, humanity’s purpose on Earth revolves around realizing our insignificance within a grander scheme – connectedness with something beyond ourselves providing insights from a higher perspective. We embody what captures our thoughts most often; this notion echoes Napolean Hill’s words: “We become what we think about most.”

    Most physicians today were once passionate students longing for medical education.

    Persistently focusing on racing cars will likely lead one into a career centered around those vehicles – encompassing either working with or driving them extensively; alternatively, dwelling upon substances like drugs or alcohol alongside infidelity can lead individuals into situations reflective of their thoughts. Delving into life’s meaning and contemplating the existence of God uncovers an endless array of possibilities. Recognizing our unity with everything rather than perceiving separateness is crucial.

    Choosing not to adopt beliefs endorsing Oneness tends to foster criticism and pessimism within us.

    Jesus Christ once proclaimed, “Whatever you do to the least of them, you do unto me,” portraying profound insight into our interconnectedness as human beings.

    How Your Thoughts Impact You & The People Around You

    Similarly to how we think impacting ourselves both mentally and physically; it also affects those around us negatively as well as positively. Therefore utmost caution must be taken into consideration regarding what enters our minds!

    What contributes greatly towards widespread negativity and overall illness among individuals?

    One major catalyst is excessive preoccupation with oneself while failing to establish meaningful connections with others or foster relationships with nature and the environment surrounding us all.

    For effective resolution of this imbalance prevalent among individuals; multiple strategies exist for efficiently reprogramming our underlying subconscious mind consisting but not limited to prayerful reflections on life’s circumstances; profound contemplation routines; positive affirmations inspiring self-confidence; therapeutic methods like biofeedback training manipulating physiological responses; hypnotherapy practices harnessing subconscious thoughts; subliminal messages; and various other approaches.
    The transformative energy of emotions is what makes these techniques efficacious.

    Intense yearning for good health, for instance, can usher in possible cures for illness just as strong sentiments pave the way towards lucrative employment opportunities or finding a suitable life partner.
    While the above-mentioned tools possess visible applications or tactile sensations, faith possesses an intangible attribute making it unique within the healing process. Faith’s significance derives from its unobservable yet influential impact on one’s well-being.


    The Energetic Healing Process

    An essential part of the healing process is keeping the ego in check. You can do this by:

    • Keeping the needs of others in mind
    • Providing service to others
    • Establishing connection with Spirit, God, etc.

    By remembering that you are a small part of the Whole, you will be more humble and open to receiving the gifts the World has to give you.

    Pursuing knowledge is important because you are being made more aware of the World around you. It is disconnection, or ignorance, of Source that is primarily to blame for our illnesses.

    In early human history, we did not know about diseases, or the sustenance and activity that the human body needs to remain healthy. But over time, human beings did what they all do—learn more about the world through their interests.

    Those interested in health and related sciences shared their understanding of the Universe with others. Whether you decided to listen is on you.

    God is the Reality of the situation.

    Sickness is God’s way of telling us that something is out of balance.

    Why He would allow you to feel this way is because He has given you the freedom of choice. The choice to choose between acting on foolish ignorance or wise understanding.

    Awareness = Connection

    Once we have established a connection to Spirit and maintain that connection, the likelihood of experiencing healing, prosperity, and peace is virtually limitless—

    However, strong determination and focus are required.

    Make an effort to create a timetable for your “healing work” and adhere to it. And you will recover if you have faith, if you humble yourself, and if you keep a positive attitude. This applies to glaucoma as well as any other illness.

    Note: You must be humble to be willing to accept knowledge and act on it.

    The Relationship Between Time & Healing

    Never give up under any circumstances regardless of how much time elapses. Time holds no true significance; it merely reflects the linear nature of our physical reality.

    Ponder this fact: only the present moment truly matters. The past cannot be preserved; likewise.

    The future remains unknown until it unfolds. As such.

    This very instant represents our future.

    To grasp its meaning. Give consideration to this succinct Zen inspired koan: “Is the future NOW?”

    Should feelings of discouragement or negativity arise from an inability to perceive your healing progress. Remember that time is nothing more than a temporary construct within the realm of material existence—it carries no weight in the realm of Reality.

    Also bear in mind that your wounds have been thoroughly treated. Embrace the essence of living in the present moment and contemplate its significance.

    Healing Affirmation for the Reader:

    “The healing currents of love flowing from within me through Gods guidance have led me to a state of wholeness and completeness.

    For optimal results. Repeat this mantra for a minimum of ten minutes at a time.

    Three to four times daily—aloud or silently—with genuine emotion. Ideal moments for this practice are immediately upon awakening (while lying in bed) and before sleep (also while lying down).

    During these periods the mind tends to be more relaxed and open to absorbing new insights. Note on Healing Affirmation:

    It is crucial to remember that we cannot find healing if we continue assuming the role of a victim.

    The concept of negative thinking presented here signifies an incredibly extreme mindset. Should we decide to take responsibility for our own healing through energetic practices.

    We must also be accountable for the cause behind our dis ease (commonly referred to as “lack of ease”). Although there are numerous hospitals and nursing homes available to provide care for the sick dying individuals who may appear helpless or without hope; those who exhibit sluggishness or face addiction or mental vulnerability are more likely to become ensnared in unproductive ways of thinking.

    Such detrimental patterns can contribute towards ongoing health issues. As Jesus wisely stated – “Let the dead bury their dead.” To reap benefits from this approach necessitates a wholehearted commitment of your precious time and energy. Embrace this journey with an optimistic mindset and readiness for transformative changes in your life; the rewards will be unparalleled. Its’ imperative to acknowledge that God does not engage in discrimination; rather, it is our own thinking that requires fine tuning. Every person possesses the same potential to attain good health, lasting happiness, and inner peace within themselves as well as the world around them.

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