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Have a Headache After a Reiki Treatment?


    You or the person might get a headache when treating someone else or yourself. This isn’t because Reiki shouldn’t be used to treat headaches; rather, there is a blockage in this area.

    Take the case of a person who does everything on their own and has a headache.

    The self-treatment practitioner does all of the positions, but in the end, he feels a little pain or even gets a headache. It can be on one side, like a weight on the head, or a constant feeling that doesn’t hurt but makes you feel bad.

    Think of Reiki as a big river that flows through everyone. When it hits a dam, it keeps going in the same direction to keep flowing. This will force you to put pressure on that blockage to get it to move (the dam). Then we have something like the saying, “When soft water hits hard stone, it hits until it breaks.”

    It’s kind of like that, in a way. When the blockage is really bad, it hurts because there is an “inflammation” of the energy.

    Energy blockages can come from places other than the head, like:

    • Throat Chakra blocked;
    • Solar Plexus Chakra out of balance;
    • Root Chakra that is not performing rooting;
    • Attachment to something that holds tension in the body.

    How to relieve headache

    Let’s work out four steps that can be essential to understanding and treating your headache.

    • To feel

    Remain silent for a while. Try putting your hands in gassho. Feel what may be uncomfortable in your body. Try to identify these locations and what these blockages appear to be.

    In doing so, you are applying the Reiji Ho technique.

    • Observe the byosen

    Now, go through these zones with one hand or both, whichever suits you best. What do you feel? What kind of byosen does this region emit?

    Try going through adjacent areas or wherever you feel like checking out.

    • Root

    Do the rooting to be able to drain the excess energy you may have. We often don’t root, and then the energy is in tension. It must be recycled and in constant flux.

    • Deal with

    If you have frequent headaches, try starting with the Root Chakra.

    Then place one hand on the Heart Chakra, the other on the Throat Chakra or both on the Throat Chakra.

    Finally, he treats the head and tries to visualize the energy always flowing downwards. Try to understand if your head is tired, full, etc.

    Also, try the Reiki Rain technique before and after self-treatment. It can help release energy and tension in the aura field.

    This kind of thing doesn’t happen very often, but it can. Many people with headaches put their hands on the spot, making them feel better. This is because the energy got rid of the tension there.

    Every person is different, and the practice of Reiki sees each person as a separate universe, just like they are.

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