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Have chakras been proven?


    The notion anchoring chakra theory originates from Vedic teachings positing that living beings are fundamentally constituted by energy as opposed to being confined solely within their mind and body. Remarkably it took close to 5000 years for this concept to be assimilated into scientific paradigms – a transformative process sparked by Einsteins theory of relativity that was subsequently expanded upon by the likes of David Bohm and other researchers. In terms of energy our existence manifests as waves while encompassing mind body matter positions us as particles and in the domain of quanta we potentially encompass both states. Analogous to subatomic particles.

    Our very nature remains an elusive riddle; much like these particles. It is plausible that we are entangled both locally and distantly. As beings primarily composed of energy we possess an inherent capacity to transcend the confines of time and space. Although self imposed beliefs may constrain our perception of reality dormant within us lies the potential to encompass that which permeates the entire universe. By comprehending and actively applying the principles governing chakra theory into practice we release ourselves from the constraints imposed by mere mind body matter and attain a genuine understanding of our true selves as unbounded waves of liberated energy.

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