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Healing Crisis after a Reiki Session


    It may seem unusual to discuss a “crisis” and a “cure” together. Thats simply how it works. The healing crisis is a part of our bodys journey towards balance and harmony. It can occur after engaging in self treatment or receiving a Reiki session from another person.

    When we practice Reiki we embrace the belief of Master Usui that “Reiki exists in everything within the universe without exception.” This understanding acknowledges that everything possesses energy and is comprised of energy. Thus when we employ Reiki on ourselves or others our aim is to restore equilibrium and harmony to the energy within ourselves or those we treat.

    During this process of balancing it is possible to encounter energy blockages or imbalances. These issues may manifest in ways within a persons body, emotions or mind. Consequently the body may respond with actions.

    In terms these physical shifts are referred to as “koten hanno.” This might result in side effects such, as diarrhea, headaches, vomiting, fever, chills or other similar experiences. It is important to note that although these reactions are not desired by anyone they indicate that the body is effectively initiating its cleansing process.

    It’s worth mentioning that not every self treatment or Reiki session will lead to a healing crisis.It is uncommon so there is no need to worry that it will happen to you.

    As aids in the process of healing crisis

    If you experience what seems like a healing crisis or a process towards achieving balance and harmony you can assist yourself by attuning to the signals your body is giving you. For instance you might feel the need to consume warm water or tea get more rest or even repeat the self treatment. Take the time to listen to what your body’s communicating and if it suggests something like “go outside for some fresh air ” then you should do so. Remember that the healing crisis is an occurrence within your body and every time you heed its guidance you contribute further to your well being.

    Another helpful approach is to promote the flow of energy sensing it traversing your body and exiting through your hands and feet. Joshin Kokyu Ho can be practiced to raise awareness of this form of energy circulation.

    You are already aware that there is no need for fear because it is simply your body responding naturally and striving for equilibrium. However it is important to be attentive, to the signs and consult a doctor if necessary.Reiki can be likened to the effect of water, on oil; it has a way of highlighting and addressing what requires attention. In ways it could be considered as the “secret art of bringing happiness to people.”

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