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History of Chakra Stones


    Let’s briefly go over the history of chakra stones.

    Chakra theory has been passed down through generations in Indian philosophy and other spiritual traditions.

    The human body is said to have seven energy centers that function as a network for energy distribution. These energy centers are like subtle vortices along an energy axis running through the body.

    The Sanskrit word “chakra” translates to “wheel” or “circle. ” referring to these points where the celestial and human bodies connect.

    Their purpose is to absorb energy from the environment and bring it into the body for replenishment.

    Thus the seven chakras act as receiving stations and distributors of various forms of energy transforming them into a usable form that allows the body to progress. Whether in the form of thoughts, feelings, or physical sensations humans are sensitive to this energy.

    The chakras are interconnected along the spine. Each with its own specific function and responsibility for supplying energy to different parts of the body.

    The extent of development in ones chakra system determines the amount of circulating energy within their body.

    The history of the seven chakra system can be traced back to its origins in Hinduism over 4,000 years ago.

    It is intertwined with ancient yogic practices as well. This system is based on understanding the human body and its primary energy centers as described in Hindu scriptures Upanishads, Vedic scriptures and also within Tantrism.

    However. It is important to note that this system is not exclusive to Hinduism; it is also discussed in Tibetan Bon religion practices. The Zulu, Hopi, and Tsalgi communities discuss the presence of chakra-like systems.

    The chakra system holds significance in contemporary practices like yoga, neotantra, and alternative healing techniques like Reiki.

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