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How Do Chakra Crystals Work


    Let’s briefly go over how chakra crystals work.

    How Chakra Crystals Work

    In traditional belief, one or more healing stones correspond to each of the seven chakras.

    Working with chakra stones or healing crystals is predicated on the idea that each stone was created to either amplify or balance the energy center on which it is centered.

    For instance, we will use stones corresponding to the heart chakra to work on the fourth chakra.

    When searching for a healing crystal, it is important to consider several aspects of the stone itself, such as its color, energetic quality, and the intuitive or personal resonance you experience with it.

    Chakra Stone List

    Chakra stones activate or amplify the energy of the chakras. Here is a list to help you choose your healing crystal depending on the chakra you want to focus on:

    • Root Chakra Stones: Red Coral, Ruby, Tiger Eye, Hematite, Agate, Black Tourmaline.
    • Sacral chakra stones: Citrine quartz, carnelian, moonstone, coral
    • Solar plexus chakra stones: Malachite, calcite, citrine, topaz
    • Heart Chakra Stones: Rose Quartz, Jade, Green Calcite, Green Tourmaline
    • Throat chakra stones: lapis lazuli, turquoise, aquamarine
    • Third eye chakra stones: amethyst, purple fluorite, black obsidian
    • Crown chakra stones: selenite, clear quartz, amethysts, diamonds

    How do healing stones work?

    Stone healing is predicated on the idea that stones and crystals contain an inherent healing frequency that, once tapped into, can positively contribute to the flow or equilibrium of energy in their immediate surroundings. However, when it comes to chakra stones, the vibrational signature of every crystal either corresponds to or resonates with a particular chakra.

    It is possible to activate the healing power of stones through intention and intuition. Using one’s active imagination or visualization practice may help access the space in which stones or crystals may be used in conjunction with chakra healing.

    The crystal acts as a conduit for the energy, allowing it to be focused and amplified. The next step is to influence or resonate with the vibration or frequency of the chakra you are concentrating on.

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