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How Do Reiki Symbols Work


    Through the use of the hands, practitioners of Reiki channel spiritual life energies into the recipient to activate the recipient’s innate capacity for self-healing. It is said that these can heal both the mind and the soul. The use of the Reiki symbols is an expansion of the Reiki skills gained through the laying on of hands. They are reiki tools that can be used for a variety of purposes. There are five spiritual symbols, including the kanji used in Reiki.

    The four Reiki symbols:

    In Reiki, four symbols are distinguished (from left): The mantra Choku rei for increasing strength, the mantra Sei heki for mental healing, the mantra Hon Sha ze shô nen for distant healing or distant contact, and Dai kômyô for teaching Reiki, also known as the master symbol.

    Meaning of the Reiki symbol Choku rei

    The mantra Choku rei comes from Shintôism (Japanese shamanism) and Shugendô of the Japanese mountain ascetics. It is a power boost symbol and means the spiritual becomes directly visible. It is used in Reiki applications to increase power and always in combination with the other Reiki symbols. The special feature of the symbol is that it draws in life energies on one side and bundles them out on the other. This enables Reiki to get where it should be regarding distance healing or mental healing.

    Meaning of the Reiki symbol Sei heki

    The mantra Sei heki comes from the Japanese Esoteric Buddhism of the Shingon and Tendai schools. It is the symbol of mental healing. In this way, habits that cause suffering on the mental level can be dissolved and a meaningful reorientation oriented towards the here and now can be initiated.

    Meaning of the Reiki symbol Hon Sha ze shô nen

    The mantra Hon Sha ze shô nen comes from magical Daoism. It’s the remote contact icon. Unlike the power boost symbol, for example, this one was created by Usui using a magical Taoist method of talisman making. As a symbol of long-distance contact, it has the task of allowing power and energy to flow across space and time, i.e., to create a connection. It is possible to send healing life energy to people who are not physically present or to heal past events and situations or your inner child.

    Meaning of the Reiki symbol Dai kômyô

    The Reiki master symbol dai kômyô consists of the three kanji dai, kô, and myô. Together the three kanji mean “Great Light” or “Great Enlightenment.” Their energy can point the way to inner mastery and help them become enlightened. Dai KoMio is one of the strongest symbols in Reiki, connecting to the universal life energy and igniting our longing for stillness.

    Effect of the Reiki symbols

    The time the symbols have been used and how frequently they are used contribute to their connection to the so-called “universal memory.” There is a kind of unseen connection between a symbol and the cosmic memory when that symbol is used by thousands of people over centuries and always has the same meaning. The greater the frequency with which the symbol is employed, the more robust the connection.

    A symbol can be understood consciously and unconsciously if it is first defined and then used in a sentence. At the same time, the power of the symbol increases on its own as a result of its mental association with a distinct form of energy. In that instant, the energy starts to flow through the conduit of the cosmic memory if the Reiki symbol being used has been around for a long time and has been used extensively. The power of the symbol can be radiated outward, and it can be utilized in Reiki.

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