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How do you feel Reiki in your hands?


    As one becomes more experienced with Reiki, they develop a heightened awareness of the energy and increased sensitivity to how it manifests in others and oneself. This may be of great assistance. There is the potential for the following:

    Tingling: In a general sense, this feeling points to the presence of inflammation. Put your immediate intuition to use in determining whether this condition is acute, subacute, or chronic. The degree to which you are experiencing the tingling can signify impending trouble or even a problem in and of itself.

    Cold sensation: This feeling may result from an old energetic blockage that disturbs the equilibrium of the organism’s vitality when it is disconnected from the flow of processes that are currently taking place. Sometimes a great deal of attention must be paid to these areas before these energetic blockages can be released. You need to find out if your client is ready to confront old sufferings or if they are trying to bring up long-forgotten memories, which may require a more targeted intervention in these colder regions.

    Heat: In the practice of Reiki, having warm hands is interpreted as a sign of a deficiency in vitality; therefore, having warm hands is required. The intensity of the heat can range from barely noticeable to excruciating (although not unpleasant). Therefore, Reiki is intelligent energy because it allows a vital but exhausted organism to absorb the strength it needs.

    Strong magnetic attraction: This sensation almost certainly denotes that the affected area has an immediate requirement for Reiki energy and is prepared to receive it.

    Energy withdrawal: it’s likely that this area has a long-standing blockage ingrained so deeply that it prevents the vitality and vital energy it needs from coming in.

    Energy Flow: This sensation in your hands indicates that energy is flowing and welcoming additional vital impulses, which results in a higher vibratory frequency throughout the system.

    Acute pain: This could be a sign that there is an accumulation of energy due to the dissolving process. The energy released enters the conscious realm and is absorbed by the energy system in the vicinity. Confronting aspects of oneself that had been repressed in the past can often be a stressful experience. In this scenario, you should not conclude the Reiki session before administering the treatment to the entire body.

    Blurred Pain: This sensation has the potential to bring to your attention an old accumulation that is still in the preconscious state, but as the reaction demonstrates, it is ready to be released. If you feel this sensation anywhere on your body, you should surround the area with Reiki energy as often as possible until the rigid structure completely dissolves.

    Stitches (of pain): indicates an energy accumulation ready to be released but not yet assimilated by the surrounding energy system.

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