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How does a Reiki attunement work?


    Receiving a Reiki attunement is an immensely profound spiritual encounter as it allows a knowledgeable master in Reiki to open your energetic pathways. This opening facilitates the free flow of Reiki energy throughout your body influencing not only your personal well being but also those around you. The experience during a Reiki initiation varies individually; however, its common for students to feel relief radiating in their bodies and sensations of tingling from head to toe as their energy channels unfold.

    Opening these pathways has the added effect of augmenting other forms of energetic healing and channeling avenues.

    Many students attest that undergoing an initiation intensifies their intuitive awareness while heightening any inherent psychic sensitivity they possess. It is advisable to avoid the consumption of heavy foods and minimize or eliminate the intake of substances such as caffeine, sugar, tobacco, or alcohol.

    Rather than dedicating time to watching television redirect your focus towards activities like reading or meditating.

    Actively releasing negative emotions such as anger or jealousy will be instrumental in fully embracing spiritual transformation and fostering profound and enduring effects on both your life and overall well being.

    Once attuned to Reiki. You can expect this divine energy to flow through you abundantly for the entirety of your existence.

    The ability to direct and channel this energy will remain an inherent part of who you are—an everlasting gift that accompanies you throughout lifes journey. Opting for remote Reiki attunements brings forth several benefits that warrant consideration.

    By undertaking the process from the comfort of your own home you can absorb and acquire the advantages offered by Reiki at a pace suitable to you. Participating in an online Reiki course will also allow adequate time for preparation prior to receiving the attunement itself.

    Considering that a significant portion of practicing Reiki involves distance healing sessions.

    Commencing your journey remotely will effectively equip you with valuable skills needed for a limitless existence.

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