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How Energy Healing Works With Hands


    Let’s cover the topic of how energy healing works with hands.

    A Brief on Energy Healing With Hands

    We hurt people with our hands, and we heal with our hands. That’s why you hear phrases like, “the power to change is in your hands” and “your life is in the hands of fate.”

    Reiki practitioners have taken this to another level—

    Reiki is energy from a higher plane, which we lower through ourselves and transmit through our hands.

    Angels Grisó

    Angels Grisó is a social worker who also teaches reiki and rebirthing. Grisó is also a teacher of reiki and rebirthing.

    Some people believe that reiki is a method of energetic healing performed by the hands, while others believe that it is more accurate to say that it enhances one’s well-being rather than heals.

    In any event, they all agree that certain energies are released and that it is possible to work with those energies using the hands.

    Jorge Carvajal is a physician who has devoted many years to researching and developing therapies framed within the bioenergetic medicine field—

    “There is a problem caused by the fact that the physical mechanism by which healing works through the hands was not known until very recently. However, more and more studies, especially those carried out in the United States, show that there are people with a special ability to transmit energy through their hands. There are also methods available to investigate this emission dispassionately, ” he elucidates for us.

    Some researchers refer to it as bioenergy, which can be experienced in various ways. For example, there is a strong connection between what is called chi in traditional Chinese medicine and prana, also known as vital energy in India.

    The Influence of Hands-On Energy Fields

    During her time as a NASA physicist, Barbara Ann Brennan conducted research on energy healing. Based on her findings, she established her own school of healing, which she then proceeded to teach across the United States and Europe. She is the author of many books, including one titled Manos que curan.

    Brennan believes that the achievements of contemporary science have demonstrated that the human body is not merely a material structure composed of molecules, but rather it suggests that “people, like everything else, are made up of energy fields. The tides that affect the oceans also affect us. We are in a state of constant change.”

    And many people can attest to the truth of those claims. For example, Cristina, 45 years old and going to Reiki sessions for several weeks, says the practice “helped me get out of the depressed state I was in”, she says.

    “When I went there for the very first time, I noticed that I had a much more animated feeling as if something had clicked off inside of me. I experienced a surge of vitality, and my perspective on the world began to shift.”

    One more example is José Luis, who is 70 years old and diagnosed with a prostate tumor two years ago. He started going to sessions because of this diagnosis.

    “The only change I noticed was that my body felt noticeably less tense than before. After the session, they commented that I seemed to have gained some agility.”


    How Reiki Has Changed People’s Minds

    Margarita, 54 years old, claims she is in a better mood now.

    “I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue several years ago, which led to the decision to award me total disability. I even used a cane to get around. Instead, I don’t carry anything at all these days. The very first day that I went out and was more active, my perspective on my own situation shifted, and that night I slept through the entire night, which was something that hadn’t happened to me in many months. It’s not that it’s a miracle because I’m not perfect, but it gives me a sense of relief nonetheless.”

    However, it doesn’t always work. Eva, who is 36 years old, claims that she did well the first time she tried it in Mexico. However, she says that when she tried it in Barcelona with another practitioner, she “didn’t feel anything” and “there was no change.”

    She is confident in her assertion that not everyone is capable of successfully practicing Reiki and that this method is not a panacea for all health problems.

    “When I was living in Mexico, I had a desire to get some aspects of my life more sorted out, and I thought that using this method would be helpful. And the answer is that it did help me because I felt as though a part of me opened up, and I was able to connect with a part of myself to get answers to some of the things that were making me anxious.”

    In addition to this, he mentions that during the first session, he experienced a healing crisis, stating, “The next day, I had headaches and diarrhea, but they told me that this could happen to some people by removing the energies.”

    Ana, 38, describes how, a few years ago, she was admitted to the hospital for treatment of lymphoma that had affected her vertebrae.

    “My mobility was taken away from me, and I started having issues with my eyesight. I was very frustrated and had no hope for the future. After being hospitalized for a month, the reiki practitioners started coming once a week; after the very first session, I noticed an increase in my sense of calm and vitality. I am convinced that the shift in mood that I underwent was responsible for helping me, and as a result, my lymphoma is now in remission.”

    What is a reiki session like?

    • A session of Reiki typically lasts for about an hour and is known for its calming effects. However, according to my personal experience, it results in a sensation similar to that of being intoxicated.
    • You will have to remove your shoes and lie down on a stretcher while fully dressed. The aroma of incense and the sound of soft music both help to calm the breath down.
    • After that, the reiki practitioner will carefully position his hands on various parts of the body that correspond with the seven chakras that are located throughout the body.
    • As time passes, it seems as if the physical limits are pushed further and further away, and in their place comes the sensation of being immersed in an energetic field that beats to its own drum.
    • After an hour, one’s perception becomes distorted, and the boundaries between one’s body and surroundings become unclear.
    • In my experience, the next day did not bring about a crisis of healing; rather, promises and goals set when I was a preteen but which had been pushed to the back of my mind came flooding back into my awareness.

    How To Hold Energy In Your Hands

    You don’t have to be exceptionally gifted to notice how energy flows through your hands.

    Here is a simple exercise you can try:

    1. Get in a comfortable position either standing or sitting
    2. Take slow, deep breaths
    3. Rub your hands together for 15 to 30 seconds. This activates the energy centers located in the palms.
    4. Extend your hand two feets in front of your body and keep them about two feet apart. Then slowly turn your palms to face each other and bring them closer together without touching.
    5. From here, slowly bring your hands a bit further apart, then a bit further together. Repeat this step for some time.

    While you are doing the exercise, focus on the sensations that you feel in the palms of your hands: cold, heat, tingling, density, a pulsation.

    Become fully aware of all the sensations your experiencing.

    Later you can experiment with other parts of the body, such as your arms.

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