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How Energy Healing Works


    Let’s go over how energy healing works and how you can use it too.

    What is Energy Healing?

    The concept of energy healing can be understood in several different ways by people of different cultures.

    For example, it is believed in traditional Chinese medicine that energy healing can clear any blockages in a person’s meridians. Meridians are energy pathways that run through the body.

    Other healing practitioners believe that the chakras, a series of energy centers in the body that correspond to the endocrine glands, must be brought into harmony for energy healing to be effective.

    Finally, a subset of people believe that energy healing is nothing more than an expression of God’s mighty handiwork.

    What is Energy, Chi, Prana, etc?

    A wide variety of names refers to the fundamental force that permeates and animates our minds and bodies in each country that makes up our global community.

    For example, Chi is the term used in China. At the same time, ki is the term used in Japan, mana is the term used in Hawaii, prana is the term used in India, wakan is the term used by Lakota Indians, and bio-energy is the term used by Western healers.

    Using energy to heal involves channeling and amplifying one’s inherent life-force energy to fortify the body.

    How Energy Healing Works

    Some scientists believe energy healing is effective in theory because when things or people are placed close to one another, they resonate together.

    For example, this helps explain why the heartbeats of disembodied animal hearts begin to synchronize with each other when they are kept alive in a laboratory and placed close to one another. On a different level, if you put a happy person and a sad person in the same room, the happy person will start to feel the emotions of the sad person.

    Healers who work with energy do so by creating a high-vibration energy field with their hands. The individual who is receiving the treatment will begin to resonate and entrain in response to the energy that is being transmitted.

    The practitioner administering the treatment is not the one doing the healing; rather, the patient’s body is given more life-energy, and as a result, it naturally heals itself in accordance with the wisdom that comes from within it.

    This treatment method effectively alleviates pain, particularly felt in the back and the neck. In addition, it appears to be effective in treating internal issues, such as those affecting the organs, glands, and various systems of the body. Finally, transforming negative emotions into feelings of joy and gratitude allows for treating psychological and spiritual issues.


    An Important Note on Energy Healing

    It is important for healers who specialize in energy work to watch out for the possibility that they will take on their patients’ low energy states, but other than that, this treatment method is completely risk-free.

    It is recommended that you avoid this form of healing if you are currently taking medication to lower your immune system or if you have recently undergone an organ transplant. This type of healing is thought to boost immunity, which would be counterproductive to any medical treatment you might be receiving.

    When you first meet your healer, it is important to inquire about his state of mind at the end of each day. If he says that he is energized and happy, then he is probably good; however, if he says that he feels drained and suffers for the good of his clients, then he probably isn’t much good as an energy healer. On the other hand, if he says that he is energized and happy, then he is probably good.

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