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How long should a reiki session last?


    The duration of a Reiki session depends on various factors. You have the option to receive a one hour session with a practitioner or a ten minute session at an exhibition. Both options are available to you.

    Depending on your needs you can receive a quick jolt of Reiki from a distance or a session that relaxes you to the point of nodding off. The time needed for Reiki treatment can vary. If you have a serious injury or illness like the flu or a bad sprain.

    It is recommended to receive Reiki treatment for forty minutes. On the other hand. If you are experiencing stress, just ten minutes of Reiki treatment could make all the difference in the world. The duration of Reiki techniques used by practitioners also varies. Some forms of Reiki, such as the Usui method.

    Take longer to perform. In contrast others require significantly less time, like Kundalini Reiki which can be done in five to seven minutes for distance healing. After receiving Kundalini Reiki treatment individuals will feel the energy actively working for at least 35 minutes. We are all unique individuals with unique imbalances in our bodies that can change throughout the day and from person to person. You may feel exhausted when you wake up in the morning or experience an afternoon crash while at other times you may have abundant energy. These shifts are inevitable and natural aspects of life.
    Consistently receiving Reiki sessions from a practitioner or practicing self healing can help lessen the impact of lifes ups and downs on our well being. Reiki aids us in finding balance in our lives. Striving for balance enables us to experience enhanced well being and personal power on a broader scale. Furthermore. It grants us the resilience needed to deflect stressors effectively while remaining composed and calm; thus preventing feelings of anxiousness from overpowering us. Reikis’ role in assisting in the cultivation of this equilibrium cannot be overstated.

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