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How much should a reiki session cost?


    Reiki practitioners are trained experts in the field who have invested significant resources—including time, energy, and money—in perfecting their craft. They are individuals who have made significant financial investments in their professional development and, as a result, have mastered the techniques required to channel universal energy.

    There is a fee associated with receiving Reiki treatment. You are paying for the care he has received, his studies, and the experience he has gained when you visit a professional. But how much does it set you back from getting a Reiki treatment?

    There is no universally accepted figure. The Reiki practitioner is free to set their rates, much like any other independent contractor. Rolling the dice at random is not required for this. The operator makes the determination based on the duration of the session itself, the number of years of experience he has, the amount of taxes he pays (yes, the Reiki operator also pays taxes), and the value he places on his own time. If he does not have a studio where you can be received but works from home, he is required to compute the cost of gasoline or any other means he travels to reach you. If he invites you to use a facility, he is responsible for determining how much it will cost him to pay for it instead.

    A Reiki treatment lasts an hour and a half and costs between 30 and 50 euros on average. The treatments that take less time, perhaps only 30 minutes, can cost as little as one-half as much. There is still some variation in pricing, such as when it comes to treatments administered remotely or on animals.

    Some operators do not request any payment from their customers. If they do not need or want any money in return and do not mind going without it. However, to maintain their professional ethics, they must receive something in return; therefore, they may accept a job exchange. Perhaps a session of Reiki would be appropriate, or perhaps an hour of dog or babysitting would suffice. Others will take money that is offered for free. You could also make a “gift,” such as a plant, food, or something else.

    On the other hand, some other operators might request greater sums, but there is almost always a justification for this. In other words, in addition to reiki, they use a variety of other holistic treatments. For example, a crystal therapy session, aromatherapy, or similar practices.

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