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How often should you reiki?


    Receiving Reiki daily, whether at a distance or in person, has its advantages. Although Reiki practitioners have the gift of receiving Reiki as they share it with others, I believe it is still important for practitioners to have a daily practice of their own. Everyone can learn Reiki for their personal use. On the other hand, not everyone has aspirations of becoming a practitioner; consequently, the question arises: what is a reasonable number of sessions to experience the results you want?

    Asking the Reiki practitioner, “how often should I receive Reiki?” either before or during the first session is a good idea because the answer to this question can provide insight into the practitioner’s approach and perspective on Reiki. In addition, your response can assist you in making a personal evaluation regarding the degree to which you resonate with Reiki and the practitioner.

    To provide an appropriate response, the practitioner will inquire as to why you are receiving Reiki treatment and any particular goals you may have for the session. Concerning the question of how many sessions to receive, it is typically helpful for the practitioner to understand the symptoms that you are interested in addressing, as well as whether or not there is a chronic health condition and whether or not you are receiving ongoing care in some manner, whether it be conventional or holistic. Treating cancer in the body and practicing psychotherapy are examples of situations in which Reiki can be an excellent addition to your overall healing plan and have been the subject of research in the last few decades. I would suggest getting in touch with your practitioner first to discuss the appropriate timing for receiving Reiki treatment if a broken bone or bones need healing.

    I encourage my clients to think about establishing a consistent recurring practice for chronic conditions and regular health, wellness, and spiritual practice – with the proviso that they listen to their inner guidance to determine when the timing feels right. This could be related to the scheduling of medical appointments or treatment sessions for therapy.

    Sessions could take place once per week, once every other week, or once per month. Or, you can just drop by whenever you get the itch to get some Reiki done. Because this part of ourselves is also where we connect with the energy healing realm, also known as Reiki or Universal Life Force Energy, I encourage my clients to trust that tug (also known as inner knowing or intuition). This is because this part of ourselves is also where we store our memories.

    Most of us are limited by many practical considerations, one of which is the cost of the sessions. You may find discounts on Reiki sessions on a practitioner’s website or social media page, or you may find a practitioner who offers a membership option.

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