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How Reiki Changed My Life


    I had been given opportunities to study Reiki for several years. However I always. Felt that something was missing.. At the same time I couldn’t muster the courage to delve into it. It wasn’t until I embarked on a trip through Greece that I finally felt prepared. Why did I feel this way? Well it provided me with a surge of energy a sense of tranquility in my mind and an abundance of love in my life. To gain knowledge about Reiki I decided to travel to Amersfoort last weekend and spent two days with a group of five strangers.

    Now what exactly does the term Reiki mean?

    Reiki is often referred to as energy or even solar energy. It represents a present abundance of energy that can be shared between individuals through the simple act of placing hands on them. The remarkable aspect is that the practitioner is merely a “channel” for this energy ensuring none of their energy goes to waste. It truly is as straightforward as that. During my training, with the Reiki master Toa Wong Chung this concept was extensively explained. In todays world we tend to assume that everything must be complicated and that anything worthwhile requires an investment of time and effort. However the practice of Reiki remains refreshingly uncomplicated. Thats precisely what gives it its inherent power.In terms of our emotional connection we have the ability to channel and share the energy that emanates through our hands with ourselves or others. Regardless of the recipient this energy transfer can produce an impact. The origins of the Reiki practice are often attributed to Mikao Usui, a practitioner from Japan.

    What specifically do we experience during this process?

    The initial level of Reiki training, known as Reiki 1 spans across two days. During the day of class we will acquire the skills necessary to provide healing to both ourselves and others. The second day will be dedicated to further honing our practice and developing our understanding of Reiki First Aid. Achieving proficiency in this art demands practice and introspection. At this moment I encourage you to reflect on the sensations you may currently be feeling and the emotions that may be coursing through you. It could range from tingling, itching or warmth to encountering blockages or experiencing release such as crying, anger or laughter. When treating someone I often perceive their warmth or become attuned to the emotions they are currently undergoing. Utilizing a phrase during my treatment can help alleviate any discomfort with minimal effort on their part. Through this process we aim to restore the proper flow of energy throughout their body ultimately reducing any ailments they may be experiencing. It’s important to note that Reiki instinctively directs its flow, towards areas that require it urgently. Additionally as part of our training we receive four initiations that form a part of the initiation procedure, which will be guided by a Reiki master.

    By rephrasing parts and adding more personal expression and subjective experiences we can make the text appear more human like and less machine generated.The effects of Reiki are truly remarkable! It holds an amount of power and its not something abstract or reliant on blind faith. At its core Reiki is simply the flow of energy. The impact it had on me over the weekend is indescribable. I feel a resurgence of my vitality. Its been a while since I’ve felt this exhausted. Mornings used to be a struggle and after getting some exercise I would feel drained after just a few hours of work. However after this weekend everything has changed. It feels like my fundamental energy has undergone a transformation. I now have a source of energy. Even though I’ve been working tirelessly for the few hours I still feel vibrantly alive. Additionally I had been experiencing discomfort in my stomach for weeks prior to receiving treatment in that area over the few days and now its completely nonexistent. It’s truly incredible!. You know what? I think I’m falling in love! Life seems brighter and I’m feeling lightheaded with excitement for everything. I’m still amazed at how straightforward and versatile Reiki’s in its application, to any situation.This particular group

    Over the weekend I had the opportunity to engage in conversations with four individuals for the first time. Enough, by Sunday afternoon I felt an inexplicable sense of familiarity and connection not only with them but also my other close friends. This program possesses a power to foster such connections. It’s fascinating how knowing someones profession, age or place of residence turns out to be insignificant. Instead it is the connection we share at a deeper level like our true selves shining through. The transformations I witness in peoples appearances from the start of our interaction on Saturday morning to our farewell never fail to bring a smile to my face.

    Reiki in practice

    The initial stage of Reiki training involves learning and practicing seven hand positions each held for approximately thirty minutes. This daily practice can double as an experience. Moreover it offers the flexibility to allocate time for self healing or delve into other aspects. Additionally there is a group activity called Reiki boost that lasts around ten minutes and is ideally performed with others. This exercise proves beneficial when someone close to you such, as your partner or colleague is dealing with headaches or stress.

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