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How Reiki Healed Me & Changes Lives


    The practice of Reiki is more than just a method or technique; it is a pathway to transformation, both for the practitioner and the person receiving the treatment.

    To convey that transformation to one’s clients and audience more accurately, I believe that the practitioner of art or technique must first undergo an internal transformation due to practicing that art or technique. To begin, I’d like to discuss how my own life has changed as a result of receiving reiki.

    While looking for metaphysical knowledge, I wanted to see and feel what exists beyond matter and the five senses. Among books and magazines on the subject at the time, I found something related to reiki, a natural healing technique from the East. Reiki came to Brazil as a new way of looking at healing and illness and was full of energetic and spiritual issues. In my search for metaphysical knowledge, I wanted to see and feel what exists beyond matter and the five senses. However, due to the hectic nature of my day-to-day life, I could not find the time to learn about the practice firsthand, receive reiki directly and tangibly, or do so in any of the numerous locations that provided such services, sometimes even for free.

    I woke up with a severe earache one morning, just one of the many unexpected challenges that life throws our way along the way. The following morning, I went to the hospital, where I was examined, diagnosed, and prescribed medication for my condition. The discomfort went away, but the person’s hearing in their left ear became slightly impaired, leading to a loss of capacity in their hearing. I was very upset and sad because music is one of the arts I appreciate the most, and because I play the guitar, this circumstance left me a little shaken because I knew it would compromise my hearing. But, again, music is one of the arts that I appreciate the most.

    At that point, I recalled the reiki sessions that I had seen advertised in magazines and were available in Sao Paulo in a convenient location for me to get to from my home. I recalled reiki as a potential solution, and after three sessions, my hearing eventually returned to its previous level. Therefore, something dormant within me began to stir when I was presented with the opportunity to put into practice the development of spiritual issues and to assist others, which is typically only done in theory.

    Soon, I was learning the technique, participating, performing treatments with reiki, and experiencing this transformation in others. I would watch each person who lay on the stretcher, frequently with a tense face or a look of pain, and in a matter of minutes, I would get up with an air of peace and happiness about me. Eventually, I was able to teach reiki to others.

    The Development of Reiki

    The practice of Reiki was developed in Japan. Mikao Usui sensei, born in 1865 in Taniai, located in the Gifu district of Japan, was the one who first discovered it. He had a wide range of skills and was an avid reader at the same time.

    According to tradition, Usui sought knowledge about healing. After many years of study, research, ardent training, and meditation, he withdrew to Mount Kurama, as some monks did at the time, intending to achieve enlightenment. This is what the tradition says happened. After 21 days of focused meditation, he could finally obtain the fruit of his labor: the ability to channel healing Reiki energy and the knowledge necessary. 1922 was the year that this took place, and Usui was 58 years old at the time. Following this occurrence, he made the technique public and named it Reiki. The term reiki refers to the cosmic energy essence that permeates all things, while the term ki refers to the vital energy of each organism. REI means universal vital energy, and KI means each organism’s vital energy. The practice of Reiki involves bringing together the universe’s energy with the energy unique to each living being.

    After making his discovery, Usui treated many patients, conducted many classes, and established an organization in Tokyo known as Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho, which is still in operation today. Ushida, who would become his successor, and Chujiro Hayashi, who served as an officer in the Imperial Japanese Navy, were two of his most prominent disciples.

    Dr. Chujiro Hayashi, a medical practitioner who, after Usui’s passing, established a clinic in Tokyo and devoted his life to the practice of reiki and the education of future reiki masters, served as the conduit through which reiki was brought to the Western world. Mrs. Hawayo Takata, who had initially sought him out hoping he could cure her cancer, became one of his apprentices. As a practicing clinician, Hayashi has compiled substantial work on reiki application.

    Mrs. Takata was born on the Hawaiian island of Kawai on December 24th, 1900. Kawai is known as the “flower island.” She was the daughter of migrant peasants and helped her family raise bamboo and sugar cane as a farm worker. She also held a job in the commercial sector and worked as a housekeeper in a mansion, the latter of which she did for twenty years. When her sister, who was only two years old, passed away in 1935, her parents went on vacation to Japan. Takata went to Japan to take care of her health and break the news to her parents, so she met Hayashi’s clinic for the first time. She got better, developed an interest in reiki, and remained there for an entire year to learn about it while also working as a collaborator. She moved back to Hawaii and established her new home and business in Hilo, where she had great success running her first office.

    In 1937, Hayashi traveled to Hawaii, where he spent the next six months teaching and practicing reiki. 1938 was the year that he officially recognized Takata as a master and gave her permission to teach the technique to others. Following the conclusion of the second world war, Takata relocated to the United States, where he began practicing reiki and instructing students. She passed away on December 12th, 1980, when her granddaughter Phyllis Lei Furumoto was appointed the new leader.

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