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How Reiki Helped Me Better My Life


    “When I stumbled upon the statement ‘When you heal yourself and help others heal you also heal the land’ it struck a chord with me that has remained unforgettable. Unfortunately I can’t recall where I first read it although it made sense at the time. I firmly believe in the interconnectedness of all beings and as a result I strive to put this belief into practice every day through my actions and thoughts. If each individual contributes in their way a world brimming with love and healing will soon become a reality.

    Interestingly Reiki, an energy healing technique credited to Mikao Usui, a Buddhist monk from the late 1800s holds great prominence. Reiki is widely recognized for its simplicity and effectiveness. Enough my encounter with Reiki was more serendipitous than intentional; it almost feels like Reiki found me rather than the other way around. This interpretation resonates strongly with me.

    Throughout my life I have always nurtured a sense of curiosity. Delved into various subjects through extensive research. It was during one of these explorations, on the internet, which was less advanced back then compared to now that I stumbled upon Reiki. Approximately two decades have flown by since that moment.”I’ve done a lot of research on this topic. Every time I found a course on it I couldn’t attend due to conflicting schedules or financial constraints. Consequently my focus shifted away from the subject. I had to prioritize my day to day obligations.

    After five years I decided to move to the coast and the sheer power of nature immediately captivated my senses. I can’t recall a time when I felt so connected and complete. As a result my practice of Reiki saw a resurgence. It was a morning until that moment when I went to visit a friends house. Soon as I entered through the gate two adorable Collies rushed towards me eager to greet me. However at that instant something inside me compelled me to freeze in my tracks. It was a clash, with those beautiful creatures who meant no harm. Luckily my friends mother happened to be a Reiki Master. She promptly offered her assistance. She directed me to her room. Provided me with a Reiki treatment right there.

    Soon as she began my entire body started tingling as waves of love and care washed over me. Her hands were warm. Emitted a soothing vibration that resonated with me deeply.After the event concluded I felt a lightness in my spirit. I spent a peaceful afternoon with them and their delightful Collies. It was as if the dogs could sense the vibes in the air and stuck close to me until I bid my farewell.

    The ability to mend wounds is a genuine one. Each of us possesses this quality.

    There’s no reason why we can’t prioritize self care in such a way. Despite the challenges that come with acknowledging them the events and difficulties we encounter serve as lessons in our lives. Every experience, whether positive or negative contributes to the growth of our selves. Reiki presents itself as a technique that can aid in healing wounds dispelling negativity and alleviating present pain. It’s a tool to all of us waiting to be utilized.

    At the core of Reiki healing lies an important principle: we are more than our physical bodies. In addition to our selves we possess an energy body consisting of an aura (energy fields) chakras (energy centers) and meridians (energy pathways). The energy body functions, in a manner.. Whats truly fascinating about all of this is the ability to transmit and receive this energy even when physically apart. Isn’t that incredible? It aligns perfectly with the philosophy that our minds have the power to create reality from nothingness. Diane Stein, a healer delves into dimensions beyond the physical plane in her practice.

    To make distance healing possible a Reiki practitioner must first delve into a state of meditation. Then embrace the power of visualization or imagination. If the recipient possesses a heightened sensitivity to energy and possesses psychic intuition they may actually sense the precise moment the healing energy reaches them. They might not have an understanding but they could think of the healer experience profound serenity or envision vivid colors. As a result Reiki has the potential to bring about benefits, including heightened relaxation, happiness, empowerment and better resilience in coping with day, to day hurdles.. It’s remarkable that these benefits can be experienced regardless of the physical distance separating the practitioner and recipient.

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