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How Reiki is Done Traditionally


    The main focus of the healing practice referred to as reiki massage revolves around restoring balance to ones vital energy. Originating in Japan this technique aims to address conditions through the transmission of energy from the practitioners hands to the individual receiving the treatment. In essence reiki goes beyond a massage.

    Traditionally reiki massage has origins yet it was Mikao Usui who refined and perfected this technique during the latter half of the nineteenth century in Japan.

    The term “reiki massage” originates from two words: “rei,” which can be interpreted as “spiritual ” and “ki,” which signifies “vital energy.” Reiki massage is regarded as a practice utilized as an alternative form of healing, for diverse ailments. It may complement alternative or modern medical treatments.It’s important to note that there is a lack of evidence supporting the effectiveness of reiki massage and therefore it is not recognized within the field of modern medicine.

    Reiki massage is a practice based on the belief in the existence of an underlying vital energy that permeates everything (although not scientifically approved). By rebalancing this aforementioned energy the aim of reiki massage is to address various ailments that may manifest on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels (or “ki” as it is sometimes referred to).

    The introduction of reiki to Japan can be credited to Mikao Usui in 1865. This technique is often referred to as a treatment or energy massage. Over time it has spread from Japan to the world, where different schools have emerged and continue to offer training courses for individuals interested in practicing reiki massage and sharing their knowledge. Some of these schools incorporate concepts from various traditions, such, as the notion of chakras which is commonly associated with (though not limited to) Indian traditions. Another example involves viewing reiki as a guided form of meditation.It’s no surprise that the practice of Reiki can show variations between the East and the West. In the approach Reiki revolves around the concept of “Ki,” which is often referred to as the life energy present in all living beings and throughout the universe. This forms the foundation of Reiki.

    According to the history and philosophy supporting this practice disturbances in the flow of energy are believed to be the cause of various disorders and illnesses. In terms imbalances in vital energy can be linked to the manifestation of diseases in different forms.

    Through the placement of hands either in contact or non contact with the recipient a Reiki practitioner aims to transfer and correct this mentioned energy imbalance thereby fostering healing from ailments and diseases.

    The source of this energy can differ depending on the school of thought followed by practitioners. It may originate from within the practitioner themselves or from the universe they are a part of. Therefore in cases practitioners act as conduits, through which energy flows and is transmitted to recipients during a Reiki session.How to go about it

    If you’re curious about Reiki massages and interested in getting one lets explore what exactly is involved and where you can find one.

    Reiki massages can be performed in settings but specialized centers often provide the ideal environment. These centers usually create an atmosphere with soft lighting and may incorporate incense to enhance relaxation for the recipient.

    Before commencing the reiki practice the practitioner will conduct an initial interview with you. This interview serves as an opportunity for the practitioner to gain an understanding of your concerns and motivations behind seeking this specific form of treatment.

    Once the interview is complete they will guide you to a massage table or a mattress on the floor depending on what works best. Then they will begin the treatment.

    No need to undress for a Reiki massage. Its advisable to remove any metal objects, like jewelry or belts. Additionally jewelry containing stones should also be taken off as they may disrupt the energy flow that the practitioner intends to transfer to you.Reiki Massage aims to achieve goals and offer multiple benefits to individuals who receive it. Advocates of this practice believe that it can bring effects on physical, mental and spiritual levels. Some of the benefits that one may expect from receiving Reiki Massage include:

    1. Relaxation and stress reduction: By promoting relaxation Reiki Massage can help alleviate stress, anxiety and tension accumulated in the body and mind.
    2. Energy balance and restoration: Reiki practitioners work on balancing the energy flow within the body, which is believed to enhance well being and vitality.
    3. Pain relief and healing promotion: Reiki Massage may aid in pain management by targeting areas of discomfort and supporting the bodys natural healing processes.
    4. Emotional and mental well being: This practice is thought to facilitate release improve mental clarity and promote a sense of inner peace and harmony.
    5. Improved sleep quality: By promoting relaxation and reducing stress Reiki Massage may contribute to sleep patterns and overall sleep quality.
    6. Enhanced self awareness and personal growth: Receiving Reiki Massage can potentially help individuals tap into their selves fostering self reflection, personal growth and a deeper connection with their spirituality.

    It is important to note that while many people find value, in Reiki Massage individual experiences may vary. It is always recommended to consult with a practitioner or healthcare professional to determine if this practice aligns with your specific needs or conditions.During the performance of a Reiki massage there are aspects that should be considered:

    1. Promoting relaxation: The primary goal is to induce a state of physical relaxation which helps alleviate stress and anxiety.
    2. Relaxation: Reiki aims to encourage muscle relaxation aiding in the release of tension.
    3. Detoxification: It is believed that Reiki facilitates the elimination of substances from the body promoting overall well being.
    4. Pain relief: Reiki may contribute to the alleviation of chronic pain potentially leading to its complete elimination.
    5. System activation: The practice of Reiki is thought to stimulate activity in the immune system potentially enhancing overall health.
    6. Restoration of sleep wake cycle: Reiki aims to restore balance to the sleep wake cycle promoting sleep patterns.
    7. Appetite: Some individuals report an increase in appetite after receiving Reiki treatments.

    Additionally practitioners often suggest combining Reiki with complementary or alternative medicine approaches and conventional medical practices to enhance its effectiveness. However it’s important to note that no scientific studies have confirmed or proven these benefits and claims despite the conducted studies.

    The effectiveness of Reiki massage in treating disorders or diseases lacks scientific confirmation contrary to assertions made by its supporters and practitioners. This is primarily due to the absence of evidence supporting the existence of energy or vital ki flowing within individuals or, throughout the universe.Though a few studies have been conducted to assess the effectiveness of reiki massage in reducing anxiety, stress and pain among patients admitted to clinics or hospitals the results obtained far are insufficient to make conclusive and scientific claims about the efficacy of reiki massage. Consequently it is not widely recognized as a treatment in contemporary medicine.

    Are there any circumstances where it might be inadvisable to receive a Reiki massage?

    Given that reiki massage does not involve the use of substances like massage oils and only entails gentle pressure applied with the practitioners palms this practice can generally be considered safe and devoid of significant contraindications. However individuals who have recently experienced fractures or pregnant women should consult with a physician before undergoing this practice to ensure they receive guidance.

    In any case it is always advisable to seek the informed opinion of your doctor particularly if you have ailments or medical conditions, before engaging in any form of alternative medicine. It is better to err on the side of caution when it comes to your health.It is worth noting that reiki massage is not currently acknowledged by medicine and there is no substantial evidence to support its effectiveness, in treating any specific illnesses or medical conditions.

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