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How Reiki Started (Healing Touch Origins)


    Reiki is a complementary healing method that utilizes the holistic universe and is widely practiced in therapeutic facilities worldwide.

    All living things receive this universal life energy used in Reiki, which also flows from living things to the universe.

    The Origin of Reiki

    The Japanese Mikao Usui founded Reiki in Japan in the year 1922. Numerous definitions of the word Reiki exist, but they all share a connection with vital energy, vital force, and spiritual energy. That greatly depends on the translator.

    Separately translated, REI and KI mean life force, consciousness, the breath of life, and gas. REI also means divine wisdom, spirit, and miraculous. Reiki is the therapeutic method that recognizes a fundamental principle independent of the soul and the body and causes organic actions to depend upon it.

    The Chakras are where this life-giving energy travels. But the question of how Usui discovered Reiki is still open.

    Mikao Usui’s The Kiko and the Origin of Reiki

    The beginning of Reiki can be traced back to Mikao Usui’s studies of Kiko, a healing method that draws on a patient’s life force.

    Mikao Usui tried to learn more about Kiko, but this approach exhausts the user completely. And it was Usui’s dissatisfaction that gave rise to Reiki in the first place. He was looking for a way to use vital energy to heal people without depleting the user’s vital energy.

    Mikao Usui was a never-ending scholar. He spent a lot of time looking for methods to heal people using the holistic view of the universe. He visited Western Europe, China, and Japan in search of knowledge on topics that would be used in the Reiki technique.

    He prayed, sang, and meditated for 21 days in 1914. The location picked was Mount Kurama, a holy mountain close to Kyoto that is regarded as Japan’s spiritual center and is home to numerous sacred temples dedicated to various gods.

    The Revelation of Reiki Energy

    Mikao Usui created the Reiki system while studying Isyu Guo (a 21-day Buddhist training). Typically, while fasting, people practice meditation, prayer, and chanting.

    There are no records of the precise task Mikao Usui carried out when he founded Reiki. However, the gift is said to have been given to Mikao Usui through a mystical revelation. He claimed that his body received the knowledge and spiritual power he called Reiki through the Crown Chakra.

    According to some, healing with the hands dates back thousands of years, but Mikao Usui invented it in 1922 after extensive study, research, and spiritual experience.

    Mikao Usui is said to have encountered a superior being during his meditations who taught him how to use the technique he was looking for and the proper way to lay on his hands and use symbols.

    What is Reiki Energy

    The origin of Reiki is based on the belief in the existence of universal vital energy, which can be manipulated and channeled through the imposition of hands. In addition to the hands, the Reiki practitioner uses symbols to channel energy.

    Reiki is a form of living, intelligent energy. This practice can channel universal energy to restore the balance between natural, spiritual, physical, and emotional.

    The Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai

    That same year, Usui moved to Tokyo, where he founded the Usui Reiki Ryōhō Gakkai (Usui Spiritual Energy Therapeutic Method Society) to treat people with Reiki and teach anyone who wanted to. But, on the other hand, it also proved the technique’s efficiency.

    Despite Usui’s death in 1926 from a heart attack and brain hemorrhage, his Gakkai in Tokyo continues to function today.

    Disciples during the origin of Reiki

    According to the inscriptions on Mikao Usui’s tomb, he taught his methodology to approximately 2000 students, but only 17 of these became masters. That is, they reached the third level of teaching and training.

    One of Mikao Usui’s students was Chujiro Hayashi, an officer in the Japanese Navy who initiated Hawoyo Takata and was responsible for spreading the technique in the West.

    Reiki Diffusion

    From traditional Reiki, several other types of Reiki emerged, such as Tibetan Reiki and Shamanic Reiki. Essential Reiki played a very important role during its dissemination in the West as it was a simplification to make the traditional Reiki course more accessible.

    Reiki is used in the world’s four corners, including in medical clinics and hospitals.

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